Garage and garden house on plot boundary - distance necessary?

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In principle, the building supervisor is always locally responsible when it comes to regulations with regard to border building. Although the state building code applies to the respective federal state, depending on the municipality, the orders may also be different.

Build garage on property boundary - Which distance is necessary?

Normally, the construction of a garage requires a minimum distance of 3 meters from the border. According to the building regulations of the individual federal states, it is usually permissible to build a border if certain requirements are met:

  • The state of Lower Saxony, for example, allows for the construction of a garage directly on the border if the constructed area remains below 36 m². The length at the border must not exceed 9 meters and the height of the object must not exceed 3 meters. The garage must not contain a living room or bedroom, a toilet or a fireplace. In addition, the wall must be neatly plastered to the neighbors or designed with veneers visually appealing and windowless.

  • In Lower Saxony, only direct development on a single border is permitted. Other federal states assume a maximum built-up area at the property boundary of 50 m². Already existing border development is to be included.
  • A completed official building application, a 1: 500 scale map, a site plan, a construction drawing and a detailed building description are required for the application. The building application must be signed by the neighbor.

Build garden house on plot boundary - Which distance is necessary?

As an example, the rules applicable in Bavaria are mentioned here. Again, it is important to maintain the minimum distance to the neighbor of 3 meters. The alternative to this is building directly onto the property boundary:
  • If the enclosed space remains below 75 cubic meters, a building permit does not even require a building permit.
  • Otherwise, there are the maximum permitted values ​​of 3 m height, 20 m² of covered area and the length of the wall of 8 m. The wall can be composed of a garage and a garden shed.

  • The sum of all built-up areas directly adjacent to the border must not exceed 50 m². In some cities, a garden house on the border with the street is prohibited. Again, the use as a living room and bedroom is strictly prohibited, therefore, the garden house may have neither a fireplace nor a toilet. Windows towards the neighbors are also illegal.

Which distance to the border is prescribed and whether a development on the property border is permitted, decides always finally the responsible municipality. Going to the local building office to gather information will be inevitable.

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