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Photo: Christine Schonschek

If you discover your dream property in a hilly area, you do not have to give up the luxury of a garage. There are special prefabricated garages, which are also suitable for slopes. Depending on how the garage is built into the slope, the area above it can be used differently. If the roof is covered with soil, it can serve as a garden or meadows or as a terrace area. But it is also possible a double-storey hangar garage, in which the lower level is used as a garage and the upper level as a garden shed or bike shed.
Advantages of hangar garages

Compared to free-standing prefabricated garages, hangar garages have a better balanced interior climate. Because the soil does not warm up as fast as the air. In winter, for example, it usually stays frost-free in winter and cooler in summer.


Important for the planning of the hangar garage is the determination of the cost expenditure. For this, the following factors must be taken into account: The excavation work, the slope-side walls must be reinforced against the pressure of the soil and against water pressure. For the statics must vote. To keep the air in the interior dry, ventilation options are also important. Only then can the value of the vehicle as well as of the stored objects be preserved and at the same time the danger of mold formation being prevented.

Two next to each other: double garages in the hillside

Photo: Christine Schonschek

The roof of a double garage can rather still allow a flexible design space than in a single garage in the hillside. Whether it becomes a terrace, path or garden surface depends on the demands of the construction family as well as on the conditions of the property. This version - two next to each other - can be easily realized on larger land.

Two superimposed: double storey garage

For smaller hillside areas, the double-decker variant with two superimposed individual garages proves to be ideal. The roofing of the upper garage should be chosen to match the residential building. Depending on whether the house has a flat, hipped or pitched roof also harmonizes the garage, if it is provided with the same roof shape.

Important instructions

For the construction of a garage, a building application may be necessary. This one must necessarily submit for the start of construction and wait for its approval. Already before the planning one should make a pre-construction request. Garage builders are happy to help potential customers here. If a double-storey garage is not covered with earth but closed with a roof, then it must be checked in the development plan, which roof shapes, color of roof tiles / bricks are allowed or prohibited.

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