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Not immune to aging: the garage door.

Our garage door lately had less and less desire to rise and more and more dropped down. My husband started to readjust the feathers, I wrote:

  1. The most commonly used garage door (also ours) is the overhead door, in which lateral lever arms with compensation springs made of steel facilitate the pushing up of the door leaf. Also possible is the support by an electric door drive.
  1. The swing gate needs a certain peat spring tension to work properly. This tension is disturbed when any parts are attached to the garage door, because the tension springs are matched to the weight of the door leaf. For example, a tool wall on the inside of the door would overload the springs. The peat feathers do not like it any more if components are removed from the gate, so if the wife wants the one piece to be removed from her elbows, that's not a good idea. It is also important to use original parts adapted to the garage door when replacing defective parts; even the wrong part can disturb the door tension.
  1. If all these sources are excluded as the cause of the malfunction, the tension springs have probably simply relaxed in their clamping force and must be re-tensioned. In general, the voltage is set correctly when the door holds in this position when opening at half height. If the gate sags significantly down, you need to increase the tension spring tension. If it pulls up significantly, the tension spring tension must be lowered.
  1. How this is done is described in detail in the manual. Without guidance to look for the place where the spring tension is adjusted, should be omitted for safety reasons. If there are no more instructions for the gate, you should try to get a new manual from the manufacturer.
  1. At some point, the Torzugfedern should also be renewed, which is recommended after about 25,000 door operations. If the door is opened up to 5 times a day, it must be done every 15 years, with more than 40 openings a day the springs would have to be renewed annually, for other opening intervals there will be corresponding intermediate times. The Torzugfedern should be renewed by a qualified person.
  1. You should also check the gate and the gate regularly, the instructions indicate certain dimensions that must match, and there are also rubber bumpers that have to hit at certain places.
  1. If the door's general condition, components and safety equipment are checked regularly, the door should always run smoothly. All fixing points are also checked for tightness. If necessary you have to tighten the screws and oil all the pivot points. The rollers and tracks are also checked, cleaned and the rollers replaced in case of heavy wear or damage.

The springs have now the right tension, everything else has my husband controlled, cleaned and lubricated. Somewhat different is the maintenance of the sectional door, which is pushed into sections under the ceiling or on a wall side, or at the roller shutter door, it is best to always follow the instructions strictly.

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