Greening the garage roof - step by step instructions

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If you want to green your garage roof, you do not have to be a big gardener. This is actually very easy and brings many benefits. It's best to stick to our guide.

Why not green your garage roof?

Flat roofs can be found in this country mainly in commercial buildings, old bungalows or typical prefabricated buildings from long ago. In the home with garden, it is primarily garage and carport, which have a flat roof. This is ideal for a subsequent greening.

The roofs of garages and carports are usually not very nice to look at. Seen from the ground, this circumstance may not be very important, but from an elevated position in the first or second floor value of a residential building, the view of an ugly, gray surface made of roof felt is usually revealed.

This bare and not really nice to look at area is currently discovering more and more owners, if not as a usable area, then at least as a decorative area with which a lot can be done. Depending on the load and the condition of the vehicle parking space, a green area can be created on top of it, which not only looks good, but also has a meaningful, above all ecological benefit.

Green roofs have many advantages

If you plant a bed on the roof of your shelter or give free rein to a wild meadow, then this has several advantages:

┬╗Advantage No. 1 - Urban climate is improved:

In small parts, greening works e.g. to improve the city climate. Because plants are known to filter dust and pollutants from the air, and they also produce oxygen, which we humans and animals need to breathe. If every flat roof in a city were greened, there would be no burden of smog or particulate matter in the air.

┬╗Advantage No. 2 - Habitat for plants and animals is created:

On the other hand, you create a living space for plants and small animals through the greening, which was once lost, for example, by the foundation of your garage.

┬╗Advantage No. 3 - Longevity of the garage is improved:

A green roof also improves the longevity of your garage as it absorbs UV rays and does not strike the building material directly. At the same time, the shelter heats up much less even in bright sunlight.

┬╗Advantage No. 4 - Drainage systems are relieved:

Since a covered garage roof also absorbs water and also lets it evaporate again, so you relieve the urban drainage systems. For this reason, many communities also reward residents who opt for a green roof, with reduced wastewater charges.

Make the roof a garden - step by step instructions

Greening the garage roof - step by step instructions: step

If you have now decided to green your garage roof, then you should know that it basically does not matter, whether it is an old or new construction, an electric garage door is present or if it is even a carport which is open to all sides. The way of greening is the same for every roof. Proceed as follows:

Step 1:

First of all you have to thoroughly clean the roof surface.

Step 2:

When greening the garage roof you now have to work your way up layer by layer. Overall, you must create 4 shifts in this step.

  • First shift:
    First, you have to lay out a protective film, which serves the sealing. This is especially suitable pond liner, which should survive at the edges of the roof.
  • Second layer:
    Now follows the drainage layer. This is important for the water supply of the plants and also prevents the roots from getting through the bottom film.
  • Third layer:
    The third layer should consist of a filter fleece. This provides more support and it also ensures the nutrient balance.
  • Fourth layer:
    Finally, the substrate layer follows, which consists of lawn soil and into which you can later plant the plants. It is important to make sure that you pile up the layer at the edges of the roof, or that you give the area with pebbles a natural-looking border.

Step 3:

Once the substrate layer has been applied, you can now apply lawn seeds and plant flowers. It is best to use easy-care and, above all, robust plants.

And then it's time to wait. After a few weeks and months you will already have a thriving garage roof, which is beautiful to look at and needs no regular care.

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