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BEFORE: The transition from the terrace to the garden is not appealing in this protected plot. On the large terrace with washed concrete slabs directly adjacent to a lawn. Also, the bed design is not well thought out.

Suggestion 1: Rest area with Asian flair

The calm radiance of a garden with Asian elements fits very well with this flat bungalow. The washed concrete flooring on the terrace is replaced by a wooden deck. This also conceals the unsightly manhole cover on the left wall of the house.

Asia garden with bamboo elements

Our first design idea is an Asia garden with bamboo elements

Here you will find a bamboo in the pot and a water basin. On the terrace borders a gravel bed and large granite stones. In between, the red blossoms of an azalea 'Kermesina' shine in the spring. In addition, a jaw cut in shape is beautifully staged here. At the foot two compact hydrangeas 'Preziosa' enrich the bed.
For a lush flowering frame in the late spring of the blue rain ensures a pergola made of bamboo cane, which is firmly anchored with metal sleeves in the ground on the terrace. On wide granite steps you can reach the two beds on the edge. The left bed now adorns pink rhododendrons and ornamental grass Miscanthus. In between Ivy may spread.
On the right side the bed is extended; Here you will find funerals and pink daylilies 'Bed of Roses'. In the bare areas, the lawn is re-seeded so that it shines again dense and green.

Suggestion 2: Rectangular beds create order

Here are several rectangular beds bordering the terrace. They are edged with granite mosaic paving. Low flowering plants such as thyme, carpet sedum or dwarf bellflower bloom in the beds. But also lavender, lady's mantle and low, rectangular-cut privet hedgerow find space here. Some rectangles are just filled with gravel. On them you can set up, as you like, potted plants or even decorative elements.

rectangular flower beds mosaic pavement

Our second design idea lives on the rectangular flower beds bordered with mosaic patches

The terrace receives a new covering of light floor tiles, which are also used for the two ways left and right of the lawn. In the widened beds on both sides of the lawn, privet hedges alternate in shape with colorful summer flowers such as pink snapdragons and yellow-red zinnias. In between, laurel high trunks raise their crowns. Bookballs in a pot complete the modern design.

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