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In the winter time is for reading and learning, and definitely for all gardeners who like to learn something new about the layout of their garden. They traditionally use the wintertime to keep themselves informed about why this or that plant did not really thrive last year, and about what's new in the coming season.
In addition, of course, the garden plan for the next season is created, and in relation to this usually also knowledge or gained knowledge must be: About the cheapest mixed culture on the best greensseed or the exact identification of beneficials and pests, for example (and from which Number of pests must be combated).
Now the garden annual calendar should be finished, which assigns each well-planned place to each plant, if possible with the organic gardener another place than with the last culture. If you would like to start well prepared for the gardening year, enter the sequence of the work in this annual calendar and mark the days on which you want to sow at a certain place or plant young plants.
The eco-garden in February
The gardener still has nothing to do in his garden in February. The microorganisms under his protective winter cover of mulch, compost and leaves are still working on the soil in peace, so that in the spring it has an optimal quality for planting. The gardener himself is essentially limited to marveling at the frost-covered winter landscape of his garden and indulges in the planning of the next season.
He may have already started to prefer his organic peppers to the garden in January, after he made the place for them in the garden. The place, the tomatoes get later in the garden, is already fixed. So much choice does not exist with these southern fruits anyway, one of the sunniest places in the garden should be it already. In order for the tomatoes to reach their final maturity at this point, when it is warmest for us, they should now be sown in February. You probably will not find so many seeds in the trade yet, they will start their seed season later, but you can order organic tomato seeds, they will taste better anyway. In addition, the organic seeds are still completely natural, which means, first of all, that you can even gain new seeds for the following season from these plants. But without artificial modification or hybridization, the plant also gets a chance to adapt genetically, so only the organic tomatoes can adapt to the conditions in your garden every year a little better.
Tomato seeds in organic quality (Demeter buys here) are available at Reinsaat KG from 3572 St. Leonhard in Austria, to be ordered at, or at the ARCHE NOAH, a Europe-wide active association for the preservation of old varieties, Incidentally, Demeter sells the varieties Auriga, Rio Grande, Yellow Currant and Brandywine Sherry, if you are looking for just that taste.
Practical tips for the month of February

  • Settle leaves on snow- and frost-free lawns.
  • In case of favorable weather may make new plantings. Cut of deciduous trees at the end of February. Holly, juniper and ornamental apple protect against game bite. Applying a mulch layer possible.
  • If the soil was not fertilized in the fall, you can catch up with perennials. Protect endangered plants.
  • Firmly lift the upholstery lifted from the frost. Conserve winter-green perennials against intense sunlight.
  • At the end of February sow the annual summer flowers in the greenhouse or cold frame.

  • Bring onion plants to the house for driving. If the soil is free from frost and snow, plant the flowers directly in the garden.
  • Scan for plant pests with a magnifying glass bark surface. Remove gall mites (round buds) from blackcurrants and fruit mummies from tree fruit (fungal infection).
  • Clean the trunks with tree scratches, burn or bury loose bark with overwintering pests. Tribe painting against the winter sun (prevention of frost cracks) and make the parent nutrition.
  • Cut the precious rice for remodeling in April.
  • At the end of February sprinkle compost on vegetable beds.
  • Pour kitchen herbs, chives to drifting.

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