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Before: In the shelter of high white walls lie a small lawn and a seat from now rather shabby concrete slabs on a narrow paved surface. Overall, everything looks pretty bare. It lacks larger plants that make the garden look lush.

Suggestion 1: Meeting point in the flower garden

First, a two-meter-wide bed is created in front of the long white wall. Here are planted perennials with long flowering time such as sun hat, girl's eye, fire herb, cranesbill and Eisenhut. A violet clematis planted in front of the wall and a privet shrub with yellow-leafed leaves largely cover the white area.

Flower garden Perennial beds pavilion

The white wall is covered with shrub beds

The yellow-green flower clusters of the women's coat decorate the edge of the bed and hang airily on the newly created narrow path of granite plaster. The narrow paved area in front of the high wall is removed. At the same place a paved circle of granite stones is created, over the base of which a romantic-looking pavilion made of iron pipes is placed. A yellow flowering clematis and the rose climbing rose 'Rosarium Uetersen' are climbing fast on it.
Under this lush flower roof you sit now much more comfortable. Behind and to the left of the pavilion there is another bed in which already existing hydrangeas and roses find their place, accompanied by the happy-looking permanent flowering lady's mantle and girl's eye. This new abundance of flowers in different colors and the different stature heights of the plants gets the garden corner more whistle and invites you to linger longer.

Suggestion 2: Holiday mood as in the south

The protected by walls area provides ideal conditions for a mediterranean garden, if you choose the right plants. First, the rather cool-looking white walls are painted in a bright ocher yellow, as is often found in the south on walls and houses.

Mediterranean garden with seating

The Mediterranean-inspired style of our second design idea creates a real holiday mood

The existing paved area remains, but is extended by a curving gravel area running along the edge. As a result, the seating area looks visually larger and several groups of plants in pots provide the familiar from the south flair of colorful and fragrant plants.
In front of the long wall is a bed of lavender, montbretie, sorrel and coneflower. The pink shrub rose in front of the wall stops at a wrought-iron trellis.
At various points in the garden, tree cones set beautiful accents all year round. The previously unprotected seat gets a cozy roof by a simple pergola made of galvanized iron. Natural wine planted on the wall, with its lush greenery, creates a cool foliage in summer and a rich harvest of grapes in autumn. Two willow-leaved pears in the pot stylishly complement the Mediterranean arrangement.

The planting plans for both design proposals can be downloaded here as a PDF document.

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