Planting garden cress - That's how it's done

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There are some herbs that should not be missing in any kitchen. This includes, for example the garden cress. Find out here how you can easily plant garden cress yourself.

Garden cress can even plant children

The vitamin C-rich garden cress allows a lasting freshness in the kitchen, because it can be grown and harvested all year round - either in the garden or on the windowsill.

The cultivation of garden cress is therefore also recommended to small hobby gardeners. Your children can easily introduce you to the gardening with cress. Due to the generally good growth of garden cress they will surely find it fun!

Cultivation of garden cress

Garden cress is sown in the form of fine seeds. Suitable for sowing is fine garden soil in the vegetable garden or herbal garden, a small, with little soil filled window pan or a flowerpot, but also plain kitchen paper.

To grow cress on kitchen paper you only need to moisten two paper towels (possibly in a decorative glass dish). Then you can evenly distribute the cress seeds with a coffee spoon and germinate.

" Tip:

Cut out kitchen paper as a motive and sow cress on it! It can be within about a week to make a very upbeat table decoration.

During growth you must make sure that the kitchen paper does not dry out. This also applies if you use soil for growing cress. You also have to keep them moist.

Harvest garden cress

After a week, you can already harvest the slightly pungent garden cress. For this purpose, you must cut the cress, as many other herbs also with scissors below the fine leaves as needed. Then spread on salads, breads, in the homemade herbal quark, on potato dishes, etc.


If you harvest only a part of the fresh cress, then you should continue to supply the remaining plantlets well with water for approx. 3 to 4 days (do not generate waterlogging) and then harvest as well.

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