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Decoration in the garden, nowadays a very, very important topic. Because gardens that are used completely or for the most part, as a decorative garden, are today in the majority. In earlier centuries, ornamental gardens could usually only afford the rich and nobles. A garden, created by a famous garden architect, was considered a status symbol, with which one demonstrated his social status and his wealth to the outside.
Garden decoration and garden accessories, hand on the heart, what would a garden without the loving umzu. And garden decorations range from fantastically beautiful and functional garden furniture, over fountains and ponds, to flower pyramids. Everything that makes a garden more beautiful
Even the barbecue season in the broadest sense, with the appropriate accessories is included in this category. And what would a beautiful garden be without its visitors and the people who work and live in this garden? The people who chose this garden as their home, as their green living room. At least if the open season was opened, or the weather is nice enough. But even more is one of the decorative objects in the garden. Sundials, wall sundials and ornaments. Lighting of all kinds and sculptures. Simply everything that can make a garden more beautiful.
Garden decoration should not only be beautiful but also useful. So decorative planters can also be very practical. A fountain in the garden also serves as a birdbath. A sundial not only shows time, it also beautifies the wall of the house. Sculptures on the pond serve as gargoyles. When they are connected, the responsible pump and filter immediately cleans the water. So you can combine the beautiful with the useful.
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Used old wine barrels as decoration

Wine barrels already have a long life when sorted out by wineries. But even then they are still so beautiful that they are often used as decoration in the garden.

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