Garden decoration from the flea market

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If old objects tell stories, you have to be able to listen well - but not with your ears; you can experience them with your eyes! "What once a junk dealer at the flea market gave his customers on the way, lovers of nostalgic garden decor know only too well. Where the jump in the flower vase came from - a white enamel jug that stood on the washbasin of a bedroom many years ago - or why the lock of the drawer at the old wooden table, on which plants are now repotted, was only hinted at when looking closely and with a little imagination. This is exactly what makes the garden décor so unique and personal in the vintage look. The English term "vintage" means something like "time-honored". Commodities, furniture and accessories from different eras and bygone times are deliberately combined. Traces of use are desired and a mix of wood, metal, glass or enamel - so materials from the pre-plastic time ensures a very special flair. But not only: Old telephones and other Bakelite objects - the first synthetically manufactured plastic - are in great demand today.

Soup terrine with cloves

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Garden decoration from the flea market: vintage

Garden decoration from the flea market: market

Garden decoration from the flea market: market


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Design ideas: vintage style

Garden decoration from the flea market: decoration

Too bad for disposal is this beautiful soup terrine. Planted on the terrace is an eye-catcher (put up a roof because there is no drainage hole for water)

Garden decoration from the flea market: market

Give your discarded shoes a new life: As unusual planters these old boots still fulfill their purpose

Garden decoration from the flea market: market

Phlox, zinnias and jewelery baskets decorate the pretty water jug ​​and the small milk jug made of enamel. Traces of use are desired

Garden decoration from the flea market: flea

Big or small, round or square - old bird cages are beautiful decorative elements. Inside flowers or candles can be placed

Garden decoration from the flea market: market

Old dishes like this one can be planted very well with herbs

Garden decoration from the flea market: flea

Decorating in vintage style ignites the passion for collecting and enriches some orphaned garden corners with very personal objects. The old ladles can be reused and spice up the garden fence

Garden decoration from the flea market: garden

A simple wind chime from old cutlery is made in a jiffy yourself

Soup terrine with cloves

planted boots

Bouquet of phlox, zinnias and jewelry baskets

Birdcage branch flowers

old dishes herbs

Soup ladles with succulents

Wind chime made of cutlery

The old stroller for planting, the ladles on the wall of the house over the herb pots, the wicker chair in the flowerbed or the filigree, wrought-iron garden gate with venerable rust patina can be found at flea markets, in antique shops or on grandmother's attic. Some companies offer garden deco and furniture in a nostalgic used look, books provide instructions for DIY and restoration. The decorative pieces are staged with love and placed as if they had always been there. And with a keen sense, those things are selected that tell the most exciting stories.

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