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Garden decoration can give a garden its very own character. It should not always be decorative, but useful. It is best to include the decoration in the planning phase. In the end, everything should fit together nicely and you can not start planning soon enough.
A beautiful garden does not emerge overnight. It takes patience, skill and taste to develop all its charm. The design depends, among other things, on the size, location and also the subsequent care effort.
You should plan a relaxation area, if you have children a play area and a barbecue area. To create a harmonious and balanced overall picture, smooth transitions between the individual areas are recommended. Individual points of view, which one sets with particularly beautiful decorations, attract the attention. Suitable for such highlights are garden fountains, a small pond, a fancy sculpture or similar.
The garden decoration should be stylishly arranged. You can also combine different styles interesting and beneficial.
Possibilities of garden decoration
Garden decoration begins with the design of the terrace, with the garden furniture, with everything that belongs to it. Whether beach umbrella, awning, patio roofing, planter, a fixed grill, a swing or a beach chair, there are no limits to the imagination.
The permanently installed garden lighting must also be planned in good time. If cables have to be pulled, otherwise a cable duct has to be dug afterwards. Better consider the light from the beginning.
Only when you have the basic equipment together, you can dare to the details. These include accessories such as wind chimes, fairy lights, lanterns, wind vane, small and large figures, rose balls, bird and bird feeders, bird baths, torches, sundials, flower stands, trellises and the like.
The following guide pages provide information on how to decorate your garden.

Garden decorations in the garden: decorations

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