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Every garden needs some decoration. Whether in the form of rosebows, roseballs, obelisks, or wind chimes, it does not matter. Here really decides the personal taste. Colorful roseballs, a beautiful obelisk, here and there a few small figures made of wood or clay (for example terracotta). Small pots of colorful flowers (such as busy lizards, or tagetes) add a nice touch to any bed.
Decoration on balcony and terrace can already begin with the choice of furniture. If you like something playful and romantic, you can take garden furniture made of forged iron. These are usually beautifully decorated. A wind chime made of bamboo brings some sound into the summer silence and pampers the senses. On balcony and terrace, of course, must not be missing aromatic plants. Whether angel trumpets, miracle flowers, or spicy-smelling herbs, the decision remains with you.
Gardening styles and combinations
A garden is decorated to give it a personal touch. As a rule, the decoration also enhances the cosiness and sets accents. Some garden owners decorate rather sparingly, others love accessories and can not get enough of it. It is important that all Dekosachen harmonize with each other, but also fit the house and the entire environment. This is also important with the materials. One should not mix too much.
If you like to combine different styles and materials, you should be careful. Not everything fits together. An alternative would be to separate the different areas in the garden. So you can use on the terrace wood furniture and wooden decoration, in a secluded corner but another seat or maybe a sun lounger or bench made of polyrattan set up.
Particularly popular in the garden decoration are garden figures, fountains and bird baths. With all three you are spoiled for choice. Depending on the size and material you can put the garden with them great scene. It is also important not to mix too many materials and styles!
Important element - light
With light, great effects can be achieved, which is why lighting fixtures are part of garden design. It makes the garden safer, because unclear and dark corners and paths are illuminated, but the various lamps and lights are also a great design element. So you can illuminate a pond from inside and outside, hanging lights in the trees and shrubs, place torches around the terrace, set up lanterns, there are endless possibilities. Lamps along the paths and cobblestones on driveways and sidewalks ensure safety.
Important decoration dates
There are a few appointments a year, as everyone diligently decorates their homes. As examples, only Christmas and Easter are mentioned. Also in the garden is then increasingly decorated. The Christmas lights in some gardens are spectacular, but for most garden owners less is usually more. You should not overdo it. At Easter the colorful easter eggs on trees and shrubs usually light up with the spring bloomers. Finally comes again color in the garden.
Around fabrics
Also umbrellas, sun sails, blinds, cushions for seating, tablecloths and the like are design elements in the garden. Here often plenty of color comes into play. When the colors harmonize with each other, an impression of coziness arises. Too much color and too many patterns are often inappropriate, everything seems overloaded. Also with the materials you have a lot of choice. Fabric is not the same material. The quality differences are often quite high. If you value quality, you usually have to invest a bit. But that does not mean that everything that is expensive is good. Those who like to completely redecorated every two or three years usually get by on the cheapest products. With jalousie or the like, you should not save. They have to last for many years.
Decoration is ideal for landscaping. So you can change the overall look and especially the effect of the garden. It is important to create a harmonious coexistence. Bringing too many materials, colors and shapes in the garden, it seems quickly overloaded. Actually, you should only create a few highligts. Not everything has to be noticed immediately. It is much nicer, if you happen to discover something new, e.g. a discreet birdhouse on the tree trunk or a small figure in the bed. The decoration objects do not have to start every viewer!

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