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A garden can be designed in many ways. In this case, it mainly plays a role in how the garden should be used later. A pure vegetable garden follows other principles than a garden that serves solely for recreation. On the other hand, if large garden parties are to take place later on, it usually has a representative character.
A natural garden needs relatively little care and provides many insects and smaller animals a home. Children, on the other hand, enjoy large lawns with playground equipment where they can let off steam. Particularly practical and now again very popular is a garden where vegetables and fruits are grown. Such gardens are often divided into a kitchen garden and a decorative garden, but can also flow into each other.
Also in the pure ornamental gardens there are many possibilities in terms of garden design. Here you can distinguish between the traditional gardens with flowerbeds, shrubs and trees, the rockeries and gravel gardens and the very modern landscaped gardens. The Asian style has had a major impact on garden design in recent decades.
In addition to the plants but also other elements play a role in garden design. The terrace and the walkways have to be planned and laid out, and a small wooden hut provides space for the garden tools. A demarcation to the street and the neighboring properties can be done through a fence, a wall or a hedge.
To completely redesign a garden is a big task. Careful planning therefore helps to avoid unnecessary work and expense. However, it is especially important to first determine which type of garden should be created. For this we have put together some ideas for you in the articles of this category.

Garden design ideas - ideas for gardening: garden

Create easy-care gravel garden - instructions

If you can do without the green of lawn and do not want to use mulch as a ground cover, you can put on gravel in the garden: pebble beds are easy to care for and open up many design options. Which plants come into question here and what has to be considered when planting a gravel garden is summarized in this special article.

Creating a flower garden - Tips for designing - Planting ideas

A blooming garden is the dream of every garden owner. The easiest way to create such a garden is to re-create it. If you redesign the garden, this is usually associated with an extra effort.

Rose pavilion - choose wood or metal?

A rose-overgrown pavilion in the garden is a dream for many garden owners. It may take a few years for climbing or rambler roses to cover the pavilion, but then it looks like the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty.

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