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The creation and design of a garden or a bed is already under normal circumstances, no easy task. It requires a lot of planning and especially for beginners often the advice of a professional.

Simple and space saving are retaining walls with which the levels can be clearly divided. Depending on the type of planting, however, they could be very eye-catching and those who want smooth transitions should keep their hands off it. Here, creating a slightly steeper slope between two levels, because it remains green to the eye with this technique.
In particularly steep areas, a small waterfall or artificial stream can be used, which could also have a positive effect on irrigation.
But here are some ideas how a hang garden could be designed:
In the Mediterranean style
In this case, one could also pay attention to organic momentum when creating the retaining walls, which makes the slope altogether more lively. The walls themselves should be made of natural stone, which is kept in earthy tones to make the Mediterranean charm seem good.
The two walls in the upper area could be planted here with gypsophila and / or small shrub roses. A small staircase between the different levels, also in earth tones, would complete the picture. Lavender and cypress enhance the Mediterranean flair, even a small herb garden or vegetable garden would do well. Various fruit trees or rose tendrils complete the picture.
Of course you can play here with different decoration excellent. You can get inspirations for this on vacation or even with a specialist.
Country style
Somewhat more rustic and clear-cut, on the other hand, would be a country-style hillside garden. Again, you can go back from three levels, but here meandering the stairs less than that it runs more straight from top to bottom.
The retaining walls can be classically made of clinker. Red thorn, lilac, and other growths on the top level make you want to rest, while on the second level, wisteria and rosebushes can enhance your image. A mixed bed of summer flowers, herbs or vegetables would be visually pleasant and practical at the same time. Larkspur, hornbeam and hydrangea could decorate the lowest level. Even a decorative fountain would do well in the country house hillside garden.
The natural style
Of course, a hillside garden could be created entirely without retaining walls, just lined with various embankments and plant species. Such a garden should be created only by professionals or with professional help, so that the plants complement each other well. Again, a small fountain, a stream or a subtle stone staircase could be created, completely enchanted and hidden. Blue ruffles, sun hat, miscanthus or even a bamboo hedge could be delimitation as well as privacy, if the grasses grow high enough. Different trees such as lilac or a trumpet tree could be used as shade donors, while here and there different perennials are colorful eye-catchers.
As you can see, a lot can be made out of a hillside garden. However, if you do not have the necessary knowledge yourself, you should call in a specialist to help you enjoy your garden for a long time.


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