Garden design with concrete

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The garden is for many a place of deceleration. While the fashions change faster and faster outside of the refuge, one's own garden seems to be a haven of permanence. But, of course, the preference for certain plants, forms and materials is also subject to a changing taste when it comes to landscaping. In the past few years natural stone was in great demand for the attachment of paths and seats, and wood was also used in many ways. Concrete, on the other hand, after having set the tone for years, was considered unnatural.

Concrete slabs and wood path

In combination with natural materials such as wood, concrete offers a pleasantly modern contrast in the garden

Renaissance of concrete in the garden

The material concrete is now experiencing a renaissance. He likes to combine it with other materials, for example when designing a path, so that small paving made of granite and concrete slabs give a varied picture. The use of visual protection elements made of wood and concrete also ensures an appealing contrast. For the attachment of terraces large-format plates made of the material are in demand because they make the surface look generous. Tread plates can also replace a wooden bridge over a water surface. Cleverly designed, the heavy plates give the impression of floating above the water.

Screening concrete

The straight forms of this simple concrete screening wall harmonize very well with the cut trees

Creative use of concrete in the garden

In addition to prefabricated panels, which can also be installed in the garden by hobby gardeners themselves, the material offers the opportunity to produce structural elements directly on site, such as retaining walls for the terracing of hillside properties or the design of a sunken garden. This creates completely individual gardens. However, such construction projects are usually the business of a specialist company. For in addition to the production of a frost-proof foundation, wooden cladding must be built and liquid concrete must be filled. This is also preceded by detailed planning. However, if you would like to create something with cement, sand and water, you can venture on small "projects" and water your garden decoration or planters yourself.

Concrete pot with tiles

Working with concrete is not rocket science. With a little skill and, above all, creativity you can create beautiful decorative elements for the garden, balcony and apartment

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