Rent garden tools instead of buying - 2 options presented

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The purchase of a garden tool is not always necessary. This is why it is therefore necessary to rent garden tools instead of buying them. We will introduce you to 2 possibilities.

Rent garden tools instead of buying

Buying a garden tool is not particularly useful if it is foreseeable for you in advance that the efficiency will be very low in the long run. Many garden tools are usually only needed once a season, such as the leaf vacuum. Why such equipment is necessary, but the purchase of a just high-quality device does not really pay off. Therefore, it is recommended to rent rarely used garden tools for the duration of each use.

A distinction is made between a commercial rental, where most devices are sufficiently insured against defects, and the private exchange of devices with each other. In the last variant, however, is the liability for the flawless return of a rental property always at Auszuleihenden. Both possibilities explained here in detail.

2 possibilities for renting / renting presented

Option 1 - Commercial rental:

Gardening stores and local horticultural businesses are certainly among the first places to go if you want to rent a gardening tool. But also nationwide Internet providers today allow the hiring of gardening tools in a relatively unconventional way.

You should always ask all commercial providers first about which rental conditions and costs are to be expected in relation to individual rental properties. Furthermore, you must make an agreement on the rental period and on the transport of individual devices - especially in large rental properties, such. a log splitter - meet.

➤ Important:

In a commercial rental you should always read the terms and conditions of the landlord carefully in advance. Especially if you sign a lease for the respective device.

Option 2 - private exchange:

A private loan of gardening equipment is usually based on a trusting relationship with the person to lend out, since the lender wants to make sure that he gets his gardening equipment back in perfect condition.

Also in the case of private exchanges, always define and comply with a loan period precisely and agree on a small overhead charge, e.g. for the fuel consumption of a chainsaw, about the wear of a saw blade, etc.

➤ Tip:

Another way to exchange garden tools privately is to consult with other gardeners about who owns which gardening tools and then exchange them with each other.

Important: Check equipment before renting / renting

It goes without saying that you treat a rented or borrowed gardening equipment very carefully by the respective user and return it in a proper (cleaned) condition back to the lender / landlord. Any defects that may have occurred during use must, of course, be disclosed immediately upon return and, of course, paid back.

However, equipment should always be checked for full functionality before being leased and, if necessary, a written note about existing defects should be made. This avoids in most cases, then, disputes among friends and neighbors!

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