A garden fallow becomes a flower oasis

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An aging garden is to be redesigned. Biggest wish: a blossoming frame for the paved terrace.

Proposal 1: Magnificent perennials with accompaniment

An approximately man-sized hornbeam hedge on the left limits the new garden space. Thus, the green background for a new perennial border is created, which is bordered to the lawn by a low book hedge.

Terrace and magnificent shrubs Hainbuch hedge

The eye-catchers of our first design idea are the magnificent perennials

This bed is now a place for real great people such as the Delphinium, which is represented in two shades of blue, and the ornamental lilac 'Purple Sensation', whose purple ball flowers sit on tall stems. For this purpose, lady's mantle and white peach-flowered bluebells, as well as blue billed broccoli 'Brookside' and the silvery leaf ornamental plant Caucasus forget-me-not 'Jack Frost' are planted. Throughout the summer, the large white flower balls of the Hydrangea 'Annabelle' shine.
On the opposite side of the bed, the same shrubs frolic under the ornamental tree 'Professor Sprenger'. Especially Cranesbill 'Brookside' and Caucasus Forget-me-not form a nice border to the lawn. On a simple trellis on the wall decorate two red climbing roses 'Amadeus' and wild wine.

Suggestion 2: Favorite place in the fragrance oasis

From May the garden for Schnuppernasen has much to offer. Wisteria, lilac, roses and perennials do not just bloom in pinks and lilacs - they all spread a wonderful scent.

Scented garden with roses perennials

Our second design idea is a fragrance garden that creates inviting scents of blue rain, lilac, roses and perennials

Feather carnation, sage and lavender on the left bank have taken the yellow flowering curry herb in their midst, while on the opposite side carpets of delicious monthly strawberries and thyme cover the ground. In summer, the anis-hyssop opens its purple flower candles, next to the pink-flowering summer phlox. From the aromatic leaves of anise-hyssop, thyme and sage you can prepare delicious tea.
Where fragrance is desired, roses should not be missing: especially shrub roses with filled flowers fit well into the concept. The hedge on the left side of the hedge is adorned with the pink variety 'Madame Boll', on the right in front of the wall, the brightly pink 'Alexandra - Princesse de Luxembourg' invites you to take a breather. Instead of the lawn here an easy-care split area has been filled.

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