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Set up the fence

If you have a property near the forest, you may face game damage. Gardens and young forestry cultures can only thrive without hindrance if they are adequately protected from the bite of red, roe deer, dam and wild boar.

Put fence posts

Bar fencing

To demarcate a property is necessary for many reasons. The implementation is always a special challenge. Not so much the price plays the biggest role. Above all, a demarcation should meet the needs of the owner. A solution which combines many advantages is the bar grid fence. Read in this text everything you need to know about the bar grate fence.

Cost of Fence Assembly - What Does a Meter Set Fence?

Hunter fence made of wood

What does a meter of fence cost? This question can hardly be answered flat rate. The variety of types and materials is so great that the prices of fences diverge greatly. However, this diversity is one thing in common: its quite simple structure. Here a home improvement can save a lot of money by own contribution.

What is a hunter fence? Information about prices, installation and painting


The hunter fence is one of the classics when it comes to the demarcation of his property. It is inexpensive, easy to set up and offers many benefits beyond that. Read in this text everything you need to know about the fighter fence.

Video Board: How to build a simple garden fence.

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