Garden fence of a different kind: 5 unusual ideas for your plot

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A garden fence is something like a picture frame. Does not this look nice, the rest does not work properly. Those who like it may find favor with these garden fences.

Gabion Fence

Anyone who owns a property will sooner or later have to worry about a garden fence. On the one hand, to show where your plot begins and ends, and on the other hand, to guard against prying eyes. After all, garden fences are no longer just normal picket fences, as we know them from before. Garden fences can also serve as privacy screens. So you can also go through the garden without being stunned, without you seeing one at the same time. But if you like it more openly and want to see what's happening in front of the house, you're better off with a "breezy" garden fence.

But which garden fence fits to the property? Surely you can put on the classics such as the picket fence or fence panels made of metal here. For those who like it more creative or even "different", maybe these garden fence ideas are more of something.

❶ Gabion fence:

Gabions are currently in vogue. The stone baskets do not only look good, they can also serve as sound, wind and privacy screens. You will surely wonder what's wrong with that. It is the fact that you can fill the gabions not only with stones, but also with other materials. For example, the gabion fence becomes a real eye-catcher when you fill it with chunks of glass, glass bottles, wooden discs, clinker bricks or differently colored stones, creating a pattern.

Incidentally, you can also create a fancy raised bed in the same way. Instructions can be found here.

❷ perforated metal fence:

Perforated metal fence

Another visual highlight is the perforated metal fence. It is modern and also serves as a visual screen. Perforated sheets with round holes are used the most. But there are many other variations that you can find, for example. can look at It is the world's largest manufacturer when it comes to perforated sheets and perforated sheet products. The great thing: you can use perforated sheets to build even more than just a garden fence. You can make it from e.g. also conjure up a suitable trash can disguise (instructions on

❸ Bamboo fence:

bamboo fence

Do you have an Asian-inspired garden? Then a bamboo fence is of course just the thing for your green oasis. It fits perfectly into the overall picture and underlines the Asian character perfectly. You can put on both thin bamboo sticks, which form a fence field, as well as on thick bamboo sticks, which you can individually stick in the ground. Both looks really great, with the second variant seems more airy and therefore also provides no privacy.

❹ concrete fence:

concrete fence

Anyone who reads the word concrete fence is sure to think of a massive wall. A concrete fence can also look different. For example, as in the picture on the right. That looks pretty, right? In addition, you can green a fence with climbing plants. You can, for example, put on ivy, clematis, black-eyed Susanne and Duftwicke. So the concrete fence gets that certain something. In addition, the concrete material does not seem that hard anymore.

❺ Fallen picket fence:


Certainly, a picket fence is really not a creative idea for a plot of land. But you also think of a normal, beautifully painted picket fence. That is really nothing unusual. For example, if you make the upper ends of the picket fence slightly different or use slats of different widths or different shapes, you can take care of it. So the fence does not seem boring in no time. But on the contrary.

The picket fence can also look very different. Take a look at these ideas:

Garden fence of a different kind: 5 unusual ideas for your plot: kind

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Garden fence of a different kind: 5 unusual ideas for your plot: different

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Garden fence of a different kind: 5 unusual ideas for your plot: fence

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Garden fence of a different kind: 5 unusual ideas for your plot: different

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