Garden Fleece: 3 tips for use

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Garden Fleece is something that every gardener should have at home, because it can be quite diverse use. Here once 3 usage tips presented.

Garden fleece is not equal to garden fleece!

Garden Fleece is certainly one of the most important garden materials. It can protect plants from the cold, prevent weeds and also improve plant growth.

Garden fleece is not equal to garden fleece! This means that under the term garden fleece In the meantime, specialist shops are now offering films and nonwovens for different uses. Mainly one distinguishes between:

  • a winter frost protection for the plants
  • a weed fleece (often offered as a mulch film)
  • a growth foil (similar to a greenhouse)

It is recommended that you pay attention to quality goods when buying garden floss, which optimally supports plant growth. In addition, these fleece varieties can usually also be used much longer, or can be used multiple times, whereby higher purchase prices can also be relativized quickly.

Garden Fleece: 3 tips for use

Usage Tip 1 - Winter Cover

Garden Fleece: 3 tips for use: weed

Especially for winter frost protection, an extra garden fleece is offered, which brings the plants well through the cold season. These partially translucent and moisture-permeable nonwovens are available in various sizes (for example, available here), with many films also being suitable for individual cutting.

The winter fleece is now even available with different decors, which, among other things, create wonderful winter landscapes or attractive Christmas pictures in the gardens.


The winter fleece is offered in the form of protective covers (sacks), whereby it only needs to be slipped over the individual plants and loosely tied on the underside - also suitable for large trees.

But you can also buy a so-called roll goods, which you can tailor to individual coverage of individual plants. Then also put the fleece over the respective plants and tie them easily. Here you should pay attention to a closed state as possible.

Use tip 2 - weed fleece

Garden Fleece: 3 tips for use: garden

The breathable and thus air-permeable weed fleece (for example, available here) is one of the most interesting inventions of the modern garden world. On the one hand, the rainwater can easily penetrate to the plant roots, on the other hand, the fleece on the other hand, the weed growth clearly in check. Say the weed plants grow only minimized under the fleece and do not penetrate the surface for a long time.

The advantage is obvious - the annoying weeding does not take place practically over a very long period of time, so you can do without chemical weed control agents permanently! Furthermore, the weed fleece stores not only moisture in the soil, but also heat, which in turn gets excellent foreign garden plants.


First you have to remove about 2 centimeters of soil layer in the still unplanted flowerbed and / or vegetable patch before you spread the weed fleece on it. Then you have to use the plants. To do this, you need to cut minimal slotted holes in the fleece, which you can fold up again after planting individual plants on the rhizome.

Once the new bed has been laid, you should cover or weigh the weed fleece available in the colors black, brown and dark green with bark mulch (link tip: insert mulch correctly). Bark mulch prevents namely additionally the weed growth.

This mulch layer can also be combined well with colorful natural stones!

Usage Tip 3 - growth film

Garden Fleece: 3 tips for use: tips

The so-called growth foil (available here, for example) protects the tender plantlets from frost and pests, especially in early spring. But you should pay attention when buying that the growth film used acts in any case permeable to air and permeable to water. Incidentally, you can clean the growth foil after use and keep it in the dried state.


Growth film is available in different sizes in the gardening market and can therefore be used during almost all growth phases of the individual plants. You simply have to slide the film loosely over the respective plants.

If you put plant rods around the plants, then the growth foil can even rest there and does not have to be carried by the plants themselves.

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