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Before: Between the terrace and fence to the neighbors is only a narrow strip of grass. All around, a few young ornamental shrubs are growing. There is a lack of privacy and a design concept that makes the small garden appear larger.

Suggestion 1: Fairytale flower abundance

Especially in small gardens, where you live next door to the neighbors, the garden should be well protected. This works best with hedges. Particularly attractive are mixed hedges with flowering plants.

Seating area with climbing roses hedges

In our first design idea, a seat is placed on a paved area, which is surrounded by narrow flowery beds

Along the wooden trellis there grow pink summer lilac, white climbing rose 'Bobby James' and white flowering Deutz. The brown wooden wall on the right side is well covered by the Deutz and the vigorous, light pink flowering climbing rose 'New Dawn'. Columnar growing junipers gallantly blend in with all the blossoms and give the garden structure even in winter.
Part of the lawn is converted into a paved area with large light tiles. This creates enough space for a few bright garden furniture. Around the new seat, narrow beds are created in which lush bloomers set the tone. White lilies bloom in duet with the pink daylilies. With a white summer bloom and a wonderful fragrance, the scent jasmine trumps in between. Already in the spring, the soft pink flowers of low rhododendron 'Jackwill' open. Several beech cones provide green tranquility poles in the rushing sea of ​​flowers.

Suggestion 2: Colorful sun garden

Lattice armor walls are conquered almost by storm by climbing artists such as Evergreen Honeysuckle and Clematis. And since you want to green a larger area, you can plant here several clematis next to each other. As early as April, the purple bells of the alpine clematis open. And from June the countless red flowers of the Italian clematis 'Abundance' will bloom.

Gravel garden with clematis lying

Our second design idea creates a place for sunbeds on bright days

Otherwise, the transformation of the small garden makes little work. A part of the lawn is dug up in front of the existing shrubs. The newly created bed is planted with tall ornamental grasses as well as shady shrubs. Between miscanthus silver candle, Christmas rose, Funkie and ferns grow to the bet. In the front area of ​​the bed, red flowering pops and funkies cover the floor. The evergreen lavender heath loosens the bed between the perennials.
So that the transition from the terrace to the garden does not seem so rigid, here too a narrow bed with a panoramic pier, funkie and lavender heath is created. On the thoroughly renovated lawn can be on sunny days in the shelter of the dense green and quickly set up a sun lounger.

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