Garden furniture materials and their properties - Small overview

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Wood, aluminum, plastic - which is the best garden furniture material? Here are the most popular garden furniture materials and their properties times in the overview.

Garden furniture materials and their properties

If you want to spend the summer in the garden, you must be well equipped. Especially in spring we are often in the fresh air, barbecues and spend evenings in the garden. And for the right atmosphere or to make it really cozy in the garden, you need the right garden furniture.

Adversity of the weather make it, that garden furniture relatively quickly there and therefore are no longer useful. It is therefore important to know with which materials you can face this matter. We would therefore like to give you a few pointers on the design and some points with regard to the material issue.

Spend comfortable hours in the garden

When it comes to the garden, many people are suddenly very creative and willing to work. Understandably, gardening is one of the most exhausting and at the same time fulfilling work in the home, which can be started voluntarily and as you wish. For example, beds are laid out or a small pond is provided with a bridge, just to add more accents and to find the right setting - for example, you can create a luxury feeling with a Loberon garden lounge in an appealing environment.

In order to have something long lasting, you have to rely on the right materials. Cold and wet autumn months and a snowy winter demand outdoor furniture most of the year over a lot of stability. Therefore, before buying garden furniture, you should carefully consider which material to use. Here once aluminum, wood, plastic and poly rattan in comparison.

Garden furniture materials and their properties

┬╗Garden furniture made of aluminum:

Garden furniture made of aluminum

Highly recommended is, for example, aluminum, which is indeed one of the light metals but more and more often finds use and use in the garden. The big advantage is that this material is light and flexible so many items can be designed and built with it. So it is completely insensitive to heat, frost and moisture, making it ideal as a material for garden furniture.

If such objects are in the fresh air for the year, a so-called oxide layer is formed on the surface, which makes the material extremely weather-resistant and weather-resistant. In addition, this material is easy to handle and clean, as it does not react to certain pH levels and the like in detergents. This feature takes advantage of the fact that wood is very often combined with aluminum to create a robust overall product. Simple and simple, to focus on other things.

┬╗Garden furniture made of plastic:

Garden furniture made of plastic

Plastic, like aluminum, has a high degree of weather resistance. However, this material heats up relatively quickly in the summer, so we recommend using pads.

Another disadvantage: In winter, there is a risk that the material becomes brittle and breaks. You should therefore prefer to put the garden furniture in winter in winter. On top of that, pay attention to the processing, which is reflected in the price, in order to obtain high-quality products.

┬╗Garden furniture made of wood:

Garden furniture made of wood

If you like it rustic, it should be best to use garden furniture made of wood. This natural material not only optimally blends into the look of the garden, it can also score points with durability and quality. Because high-quality processed wood is not only robust, it also proves to be extremely durable.

Choose hardwood for your selection. This is as good as completely resistant to moisture and decay and also insensitive to UV radiation. Wooden garden furniture is not just a visual eye-catcher.

┬╗Garden furniture made of polyrattan:

Garden furniture made of polyrattan

Garden furniture made of polyrattan is currently an absolute trend and so the wicker furniture can be found accordingly in quite a few gardens. The great thing about the material: it is not only easy to maintain, it also keeps out moisture and UV radiation.

But these are just a few positive features of polyrattan. Garden furniture made of polyrattan also look really great. With their good seating comfort, they stand out in the design of the ordinary garden chairs and make every garden look elegant and noble. The only drawback: Garden furniture made of polyrattan are currently still very expensive.

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