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Who wants to buy new garden furniture, is spoiled for choice. Previously, you only had to decide between different folding chairs and tables made of steel and wood or - as an inexpensive alternative - made of steel pipe and plastic. Meanwhile, not only the material combinations have increased significantly, but also the furniture shapes.

Lounge furniture, wide, low chairs, daybeds and "outdoor sofas" are also in fashion in 2018. With the comfortable and weatherproof upholstered furniture, the terrace or balcony is transformed into an "outdoor living room". However, the lounge furniture is not suitable for the classic barbecue with neighbors, but rather - with a matching side table - rather for a glass of wine in Trauern togetherness.

Lounge Set

Lounge furniture with soft upholstery is still very popular. In this 3-seater sofa and the armchairs it can relax wonderfully

In addition to the design this year, the multifunctionality of the furniture comes into focus: Extendable daybeds turn into the evening hours in spacious Liegelandschaften, modular variants make it easy to assemble and disassemble furniture, stackable chairs and ultra-light sun loungers save space and are practical. Fold-out tables are ideal when spontaneous visits are announced.

Important for all furniture are water-repellent surfaces as well as UV-resistant and color-resistant covers. High-quality, breathable fabrics dry quickly and are durable

Armchair Greta

Stern's "Greta" model is an outdoor synthetic fiber on an aluminum frame

In addition to the perennial teak wood, stainless steel and - as before - weather-resistant plastics as well as frames made of lightweight aluminum are also very popular. In addition, this year, furniture made of cord or band braids with a variety of weaving patterns are popular: "Rope" is the name of the design element in which the armrests or backrests of the garden furniture are made of ropes. These are usually made of the material poly rattan, a more robust and weather-resistant version of rattan.

The color trends for 2018 garden furniture are white, anthracite, cool blue and gray, often in combination with plain-colored upholstery or accenting cushions in bright apple green, orange or maritime blue. In addition, green accents continue, and sprayed in all possible nuances jungle feeling on the home terrace. The "botanical style" of fabrics and pillows is completed with large-format plant prints.

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Tips for buying garden furniture:

Pay attention to the terrace size

Which garden furniture is right for you depends on various factors. An important decision criterion is the size of your terrace: Opulent lounge chairs
and loungers take up a lot of space and often appear oversized on relatively small terraces. For the classic seating group consisting of table and garden chairs, the principle "Better a size bigger" applies, because for a barbecue four chairs and a table are usually not enough. But please note the size of your terrace: Measure the area best and draw a scale plan with the furniture of your choice. So you can estimate how much space your new seating group may use. Important: Even planters, barbecue, sun lounger and other patio furniture must be taken into account in the planning so that it is not too tight on the seat.

Consider the garden style

Seating area made of wrought iron

This wrought-iron seating area with bistro table blends well with the patio area with apple tree

The garden style also plays a major role in the search for new garden furniture. Simple stainless steel garden furniture, for example, can hardly be imagined in a romantically designed rose garden, while a wrought-iron sitting area decorated with rose ornaments looks out of place in a modern garden. Basically, a classic wooden sofa fits - depending on the design - to almost every garden style. Especially with modern materials such as stainless steel or polyrattan but you have to weigh very carefully whether they do not act in their own garden as a foreign body. Tip: Sometimes a mix of materials can be the solution: Wooden furniture with concrete elements looks both traditional and modern at the same time, provided they fit well into your garden ambience.

Summer set for the garden

On the acacia tree bench you can sit under the tree canopy. The wood is FSC certified. Matching: the table with two chairs

Pay attention to the weight

The weight of garden furniture is not just an important criterion for older people. Basically, today almost all garden furniture is weatherproof and theoretically can stay out even in winter.However, it does not harm their lifespan if they are kept dry during the cold season. Especially with sun loungers, you should not forget the weight, because you have to align them for sunbathing several times a day after the sun.
Depending on the storage capacity, the garden chairs should also be foldable or at least stackable so that they take up as little space as possible in the garage or basement. On the other hand, those who use their garden furniture all year round - for example, in the summer on the terrace and in winter in the winter garden - need not take this into account when making a purchase.

In addition, there are especially for older people garden furniture with extra high lying surfaces, ergonomically shaped seats and umbrellas, which can be easily adjusted using a foot pedal.

Three-legged lounger

The only about four kilograms three-legged chair in bright blue is covered with a strong cloth made of weatherproof and UV-resistant plastic fabric. It can be adjusted in three positions

Garden furniture made of wood as a bestseller

Beneath the trendy furniture, wooden benches, chairs and tables are still the best-selling. They are mainly made of teak, a particularly weather-resistant tropical wood. Teak naturally contains rubber and various oils. These ingredients reliably protect the wood from rot and swelling, which is why it retains many years of weather. Rain and UV light will cause the surfaces to gray over time, but that does not affect durability. If the color bothers you, you can restore the wood to its original color with special refreshing preparations. When buying, make sure that teak furniture carries the FSC seal. FSC stands for "Forest Stewartship Council" - an international association committed to sustainable forest management to stem the depletion of tropical rainforests.

Teak furniture

Teak wood is still very much in demand as a garden furniture material because it is particularly hard-wearing and durable

Local wood species play a subordinate role - especially because they are usually located higher in price and are therefore not in such high demand. Some suppliers have garden furniture made of robinia and oak in the program. Both types of wood are also very weather-resistant, but not as durable as teak wood.

garden bench

This garden bench is made of FSC certified acacia wood

Garden furniture made of plastics

Plastics are increasingly used in the production of garden furniture. Apart from the inexpensive monobloc chair made of PVC, the use of high-quality plastics is usually limited to the seats and backrests of garden chairs and loungers. High-quality lounge furniture for outdoor use, however, usually have a hidden metal frame and are completely covered with hularo, a rattan-like, uv and weather-resistant plastic fabric made of polyethylene fiber cords. Also popular are seatings and backrest textile linings. The synthetic fibers are woven into fine-meshed netting or slightly thicker wickerwork.

lounge chair

Something different: Organically shaped wicker chairs

The advantage of modern plastics lies in the elasticity, which allows a particularly high level of comfort, the easy-care, dirt and water-repellent surface and the low weight. In terms of durability, there is also significant progress, but with teak and metal, they can not quite keep up.

Main metals: steel and aluminum

Steel and aluminum are the most important metals for garden furniture. Aluminum has caught up a lot in recent years because, in combination with modern plastics, it can be used to produce comfortable, weatherproof garden furniture with unbeatably low dead weight. But iron or steel are still used in many different ways - from simple painted steel tube frame for low-priced garden furniture over forgings and cast iron to high-quality stainless steel.


The series "New Levanto" is characterized by light aluminum furniture in trendy graphite tone. You can also combine the stacking chairs with a wooden table

In the Landhausgarten, garden chairs made of pure wrought iron or cast iron are popular. They are nice to look at, but the seating comfort is limited. On the one hand, the metal feels very cold due to its good thermal conductivity, on the other hand the seat and back are very hard. For the reasons mentioned and to limit the weight of iron and steel are usually used in combination with other materials such as wood or plastic.


A mix of materials makes this garden chair something special: The frame is made of aluminum, which was braided by a round-fiber fabric. The backrest is made of recycled teak

So that the steel surfaces do not rust, they are usually phosphated or galvanized. For stainless steel, however, no additional rust protection is necessary. With elaborate coatings such as the Thermosint process, manufacturers are trying to improve both the corrosion protection and the thermal properties of metal furniture.The multi-layer, weatherproof coating is about ten times thicker than a conventional powder coating and feels pleasantly warm, smooth and supple.

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