Gardening Gloves: Models and their applications presented

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When gardening good gardening gloves are simply essential. Here are some models and their applications.

Rubber gardening gloves are the most popular

There are countless types of gardening gloves on offer in specialized shops, and it is scarcely a consumer who finally knows which pair to use. Meanwhile, there are also different equipped gloves for various gardening, which can be useful as a meaningful protection of our hands for a whole season.

But what kind of gardening gloves are there and for which applications are they suitable? We tell you.

Gardening gloves models and their applications presented

" Rubber gloves:

As soon as you use chemicals in the garden, rubber gloves should definitely be used. Their length should extend at least to over the wrist, because after all, the risk of splashing when handling chemicals. The only downside of this material is that some gardeners can quickly get sweaty hands with it.

The rubber gloves should then be twisted left after work and put into a cleaning bath. You can easily do this with lukewarm water and a little detergent. After cleaning, let the gloves dry well.

┬╗Leather gloves:

Leather gardening gloves

Leather gloves are considered particularly robust and can therefore be used in many gardening tasks. Especially when thorny or prickly plants need to be worked on. Not so the soft leather gloves, which are very similar to the cloth gloves, but have greater comfort and durability.

The disadvantage of all leather gloves is that they are difficult to clean unless they are models that are suitable for the washing machine, e.g. many of the soft leather gloves.

┬╗Cloth gloves:

Fabric gardening gloves

Cloth gloves are suitable for almost all simple gardening (such as sowing seeds, cutting flowers, etc.), can usually be easily washed in the washing machine and are mostly breathable. Even for children therefore gardening gloves made of fabric in the garden store market are available at low cost.

In addition, today you can even buy water-repellent cotton cloth gloves with colorful decors in the specialist market. However, you should be aware that these types of gloves will rupture quickly in heavy gardening and provide less protection, e.g. thorns, offers.

Incidentally, cloth gloves without special extras should cost a maximum of 6 euros per pair, as they can usually only be worn one season.

┬╗Combined / high quality models:

Combined gardening gloves

In the garden trade market, combined gardening gloves models are increasingly being offered. For example, cloth gloves whose palms were covered with artificial leather. This has the advantage that you can wear this type of gardening gloves to more robust gardening without getting sweaty hands. When buying such models, however, you should pay attention to their washability.

Who cares for his gardening gloves, should well and gladly also access to high-quality models, which are usually characterized by special extras. These include, for example:

  • Rubber bands on the wrist or on the back of the hand, which provide a good grip
  • Reinforcement of thumb and palm against blistering and calluses
  • Extra long cuffs on the glove
  • fine nubs on the inside of the hand, which provide a non-slip grip when working with equipment
  • different glove sizes and own model designs for men and women
  • no pollution in the material

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