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Cats using freshly seeded beds as toilets and herons plundering the goldfish pond: annoying guests are hard to keep away. New equipment is now available from the garden guard of Celaflor. The device is connected to the garden hose and a battery operated motion detector keeps watch - even at night.

If the Infratrot sensor detects a movement, it ejects a stream of water for a few seconds and hits an animal up to a distance of ten meters. The guard then pauses for eight seconds before reactivating the sensor to avoid habituation. The area to be monitored (maximum 130 square meters) and the sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted on the device.

Celaflor garden guard

The Celaflor garden guard sells cats, dogs, herons, rabbits, deer, martens and foxes

MY has tested the garden guard on a freshly laid out bed - all cats kept a respectful distance. Small disadvantage is the operating noise, which is not very loud, but naturally occurs suddenly.
Conclusion: The garden guard is an effective tool against unwanted visitors, which in our test fully convinced - and by the way also a great fun for children playing.

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