Plant garden hibiscus - tips on location, soil and planting time

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The garden hibiscus stimulates amateur gardeners imaginatively to garden design. Here is a guide on how to best plant this exotic shrub.

Filled tender pink garden marshmallow

The large, exotic-looking flowers have made the garden hibiscus (garden marshmallow) almost indispensable for landscaping. No wonder: The breathtaking variety of hibiscus hobby gardener many fanatasievolle horticultural design ideas.

When most of the native bushes have faded to summer, then in July and August, the garden hibiscus closes the flower gap with its lush Flor.

Also as hedge the hibiscus can be planted. However, such a hedge is only nice in the summer against unwanted glances.

The location - sunny and protected

The garden hibiscus feels most comfortable in a sunny, sheltered location. Here you should give it enough space, as it spreads strongly and can reach a height of about 2 to 3 meters.

The soil should be nutritious.
The hibiscus thrives particularly well in a well-drained, nutrient-rich soil. When preparing for planting the soil should therefore be enriched with well rotted compost.

Otherwise, fertilize the soil every spring with an organic fertilizer.

The best planting time
If you have decided on a garden hibiscus, then choose the spring best for planting. Because in the first year, the hibiscus is still sensitive to frost. So he can grow well until the winter.

So plant your hibiscus in bed

The planting of the exotic shrub is done as well as the setting of native shrubs. And so plant your hibiscus in the bed:

❶ First, lift out the planting hole. That should be about 50 inches deep and wider than the root ball.

❷ Then loosen the soil in the planting hole and mix it with some well-rotten compost.

❸ Water roots bare plants before putting them in a bucket. Thus, you crank up the water balance of the plant again.

❹ In container plants, only the soil ball is loosened up. The plant in the pot has been sufficiently moisturized.

❺ Now you can use the plant and cover the roots with the excavation. The plant is watered again and again.

❻ Ultimately, you still land earth and water your garden hibiscus. For safety's sake, apply a pouring lip around the plant.

As a winter protection in the first years we recommend you: Cover the soil around your plant well with mulch.

Video Board: How to Grow Hibiscus Plant(Full Information with Tips).

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