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Garden houses as living and storage space

Most garden owners use a garden house as storage space for garden tools and as a wintering place for garden furniture. But often it is also an important design element in the garden. The garden house is selected to match the garden style, lovingly painted and decorated with flower boxes and curtains. Who wants to use his house differently, can be inspired by the many models that are too pure as a pure equipment houses too bad. Maybe you set up a garden reading room, a small studio or a playroom for your children? Also as a sauna and wellness oasis stable garden houses can be used wonderfully.

Building permit for the garden house

A garden house without living rooms such as a toilet or a fireplace is up to a certain cubic meters of converted space, which is regulated by the federal state, no license. In Baden-Württemberg, for example, these are up to 40 cubic meters in the inner city area and up to 20 cubic meters in the outdoor area. Other federal states have set values ​​of just 15 cubic meters and six cubic meters. The local building authorities give information, also regarding the distance regulations to the neighboring property. The minimum distance to the property boundary is three meters in most federal states.
Garden sheds with a lounge are subject to approval. Exceptions apply in "garden house areas", which are shown in the development plan, and in permanent low-grade facilities. Here the size is regulated according to the federal allotment garden law and may not exceed an area of ​​24 square meters. Many allotment garden associations issue their own statutes, which in some cases contain stricter regulations.

Garden house Sweden style

Swedish-style garden shed, in front of Astrantia major 'White Giant', interwoven with 'Rose' Lavender Lassie 'and Rose' Guirlande d'Amour '

As a land owner you can make your garden at will. A tenant, on the other hand, has to take into account what is in the lease or what rules the owner community of the condominium has established. This also applies if, according to the lease, the open space is also rented for horticultural use. For horticultural use is usually the setting up of a device shed or small Gartenhäuschens. If the tenant but wants to build a large garden house, the landlord must be asked in advance. The latter may make his consent conditional on the renter agreeing to remove the building on departure. In order to avoid unnecessary annoyance, one should search the conversation with the landlord from the beginning and build the garden house in agreement with him. It is advisable to create a written supplement to the lease, which regulates what should be done when moving out with the garden shed.

purchase Notes

To design and build a garden house yourself is laborious and requires skilled craftsmanship. In the meantime, the kit manufacturers offer not only standard houses, but also more and more unusual models "off the peg". Most are available in element construction with different wall thicknesses and pre-assembled wall surfaces, others in particularly stable and thus also somewhat more expensive log construction. Here the walls are built of stacked wooden beams. For the construction in both cases, a little craftsmanship is necessary. Many garden centers or DIY stores therefore offer a bodybuilder service at an additional cost.

Garden houses for every garden

Garden house 170 Weka

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Summer house: garden

Summer house: garden

Summer house: house


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garden homes

Summer house: house

Simple and simple, this product with a flat roof (base of the smallest version: 2.11 x 2.35 m). With a colored paint you can also customize it. The basic equipment includes a solid wood floor (Weka, garden house 170, from about 1,300 euros)

Summer house: garden house

Not a traditional tool house, but rather a cabinet. It can be opened from three sides, behind the doors hide shelves and hangers for garden tools. The fourth side forms a 75 cm deep roof overhang (Weka, Garden Q, from approx. 2.000 Euro)

Summer house: garden

Garden house with mini greenhouse: The complete base area is only 3.16 x 2.08 m, divided in half each in tool shed and glass house. A double profit for every small garden (Plus AS, approx. 2.600 Euro)

Summer house: house

The garden house with pentagonal floor plan can be set up to save space on the property boundary. It is available in two sizes (floor area 2.13 x 2.17 m or 2.42 x 2.45 m) and can be optionally extended by a cultivation roof, under which you can store firewood or store bicycles (Karibu, Goldendorf, from 800 euros)

Summer house: house

On the house or garage wall leans this execution. The smallest version measures 1.81 x 1.81 m, the one shown is 1.81 x 3.55 m.Through the double doors also fit large devices (Karibu, "Wandlitz", from about 730 euros)

Summer house: garden

The gardener's house takes up little space (floor area 2.73 x 1.52 m). Quick access is provided by the side-mounted shelves. In the protection of the roof, you can also place sensitive plants, such as sowing shells. The windows in the door are in frosted glass look (caribou, gardener's house, from about 700 euros)

Summer house: garden house

Asian flair spreads this garden house with pent roof, whose base measures in small version 3 x 2.4 m. With frosted glass windows and sliding doors (Finnhaus, Pulti 28 ST-B, from approx. 1.700 Euro)

Summer house: summer

For country-house flair this variant provides with pitched roof in robust block plank construction. The special feature is the separation into two rooms, which can be used as a tool shed and a second living room in the garden. The smallest version measures 4 x 2.5 m. Numerous extras such as insulation and floor variations are possible (Hummel log cabin, "Nebelhorn", from about 8.400 €)

Summer house: house

A wide double door gives access to this equipment cabinet made of impregnated pine wood. The cabinet is 1.49 meters wide, 0.78 meters deep and 1.64 meters high ("Pforzheim", Promadino, about 360 euros)

Summer house: summer

This cottage made of hot-dip galvanized sheet steel blends well into a modern landscaped garden. With a footprint of 1.80 x 1.80 meters it offers storage space for the most important garden tools (also available in other sizes). The lockable door has a triple lock, an acrylic skylight lets sunlight into the interior. The manufacturer gives a 20-year warranty against rusting through (Wood, Steel & More, shed, about 1350 euros, floor frame with plate about 500 euros)

Garden house 170 Weka

Garden house garden Q Weka

Garden house with mini greenhouse

Garden house Goldendorf caribou

Garden house Wandlitz caribou

Garden house Gärtnerhaus Karibu

Garden house Pulti Finnhaus

Garden house Nebelhorn Bumblebee log house

Garden house equipment cabinet Pforzheim

Garden house shed

The right place for the garden house

The garden shed is often situated in a secluded corner of the garden. Most models are also beautiful design elements that deserve to be used as an eye-catcher or room divider. With a height of more than two meters, they are also suitable as privacy screens to shield the favorite seat from the neighbors or the street. For some houses, there are also extensions such as a sloped roof, so that side fireplace wood storage, shelves or the like can be accommodated. Avoid a location directly under a larger tree, because the roof of the garden house then gets dirty very quickly and can be damaged by falling branches. In addition, the sealed with the garden house area limited the supply of water for the tree roots.
Plants give a garden house the finishing touches: For example, a climbing rose has a romantic effect, such as the dimly-grown, white-flowering 'Albéric Barbier', which painterly lays over the roof and exudes a delicate fragrance. A trellis gives a Clematis or annual climbers such as nasturtium and black-eyed Susanne stop at the cottage. Summer flowers in pots such as petunia and verbena bloom throughout the season. Tip: A blue-painted garden shed offers the perfect setting for a maritime design with white and blue flowering plants, a water feature and accessories such as shells, nets and driftwood.

Set up garden shed

Before setting up the garden shed you should build a floor slab of concrete slabs or solid concrete slabs in the required size. A strip foundation or point foundations under the wooden stands are urgently recommended as a minimal solution and anchor the garden house safely in the ground. When manufacturing, pour metal post shoes into the foundation, making sure they are positioned exactly under the columns or floor frame. In addition, the entire foundation must be aligned exactly horizontally and at right angles, so that later in the construction of the garden house there are no problems.
Tip: The structure is simpler if you first make a strip foundation and then anchor the post anchors in the foundation with screws and dowels. So you are later much more flexible when aligning and building the floor frame or the supports and can even compensate for minor differences in height with washers.

If the garden house does not have a wooden floor, you should pave the inside surface with concrete slabs or stones before setting up the garden house. If you want to build a solid concrete slab, lift out a well, level the subfloor, and compact it with a vibratory plate. Then fill in a layer of building sand about ten centimeters high and compact it as well. Now use a thin layer of chippings to create a level surface and, if necessary, lay pressure-resistant insulating boards (for example Styrodur) as insulation. The edges of the concrete slab are boarded with wooden boards, the inside of which is lined with Styrodur boards as well. The concrete slab itself should be reinforced with steel mats prior to casting so that it does not crack when the subfloor sinks or freezes. Join two mats with steel spacers and place the double mat on the surface a few inches from the subfloor.The reinforcement should be up and down only about three centimeters from the surface, so that the concrete slab will be able to withstand both sinking and lifting of the subsurface later without cracking.
It is favorable, if around the outside walls of the garden house a garden path runs out of plates or gravel. It prevents splashing water from damaging the wooden walls and keeping them permanently wet, which shortens their lifespan. On top of that, a route facilitates the care work that needs to be done, such as the regular application of wood preservatives or paint.

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