Building a Garden House - Building Permit Yes or No?

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For a garden shed you often need a building permit

Who in his garden Build garden shed If he does not want to do it the way he wants, certain things have to be taken into account here. Usually you do not need one building permit.

Building permit depends on the volume of the room

However, that depends on how big the house is and whether a specific room volume is exceeded. If this is the case, you must have the building approved. How high the volume of space is with you depends on the state and can be inquired at the municipal office.

No bottom plate

Also, the garden shed may have no concrete slab as the bottom, this would also require approval.

Note the distance to the property boundary

In addition, you have to pay attention to distances. A garden shed must be at a distance of three meters from the property boundary. If you build directly or closer to the border, the house may not be higher than three meters.

But here too, the regulations often differ and should be inquired before construction. If you just build instead and the neighbor goes against it, because the building is a violation, the house must be torn again.

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