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Garden sheds are no longer just tool sheds

Who wants to grow a garden house, can choose from a wide range of different garden sheds. Because over the years, the requirements for such a cottage have changed dramatically. Nobody uses them anymore only as a tool shed, Rather, many people now use it as a hobby, party or even as living space. The manufacturers of garden sheds have also adjusted to that. So you can already buy real small "homes" today.

Use of a garden shed
A garden house can be bought in a variety of sizes and variants. Whether as a modern garden house, as a spacious equipment house or as a small bungalow - there is something for every taste. Depending on the size and features, these cottages are real eye-catchers in every garden. Especially in allotment gardens you will find them more and more often, as many have learned to appreciate the comfort of these houses. The well-tried arbor has thus had its day.

method of construction
A garden house is relatively simple in construction and design. However, it needs a stable foundation for its construction. It is mostly single storey and consists of wood, stone or plastic. You should therefore have decided before buying, for what purpose you actually want to use it, because only then will you choose the garden house easier. You must also note that the garden shed needs some care. If you decide to build a house made of wood, then you have to carry out regular care work on it so that it remains weather-protected.

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