Garden house practically set up - all under one roof with these 3 tips

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Sit, sleep, cook - and all in a confined space? Anyone who sets up his garden house on the basis of practical aspects will be able to overcome this hurdle with ease.

Setting up a garden shed practically

It is the finca of the little man, to be found in every allotment garden - the garden house. Lovingly dubbed in GDR times, the garden gazebo has not lost its charm until today. Especially in big cities, own or leased garden property means pure luxury. Not later than Friday night packed the suitcases and off we go with the whole family out into the countryside. The kids can let off steam while mom and dad forget about the stress of gardening.

Center of the garden is said garden house, the living room, storage room and bunk is in one. Anyone who wants to re-establish himself here, quickly reaches its limits, because a garden house has known only a few square feet of floor space. So before buying furniture and decoration, it is important to weigh what is really important and needed. Think practically and be inspired by the tips below.

Tip 1: Easy-care floor covering instead of flokati

It would be nice, but in our beloved country the sun does not shine every day. Even in the main season, from July to August, we have to expect one or two showers. In other words, either you take off your shoes every time you step into your garden shed, or choose an easy-care floor finish right from the start.

  • A concrete surface is quite simple, but concrete rubs off and you can not clean it very well either.
  • Quite quickly laid and cheap to buy is PVC coating. In order to prevent the lining from breaking too quickly under load, take a total thickness of at least 3 mm.
  • Better are tiles with a smooth surface - cleaned quickly with a broom or a damp cloth. Stay with the color in the bright area, which makes your garden shed appear optically larger.
  • As a fourth alternative, I recommend laminate, because it simply "warmer" and comfortable. Of course you can not use any wood flooring in a garden house. The weather influences would swell the wood. Special moisture-proof laminate, like that of, is one hundred percent waterproof and can withstand even the wet and cold season.

Tip 2: mini kitchen, everything there what you need

Once the selection has been made for the flooring, it is set up. Do not forget that here we have put the focus on the practical. You can orient yourself on a single apartment. If you only have one room at your disposal, you have to restrict yourself, but not necessarily renounce everything.

Garden house mini kitchen

In order to keep food fresh in the garden shed or even prepare smaller meals, a so-called mini-kitchen is sufficient. If the term does not mean much to you, at there is a huge selection of mini-kitchen blocks that already contain the most important elements (fridge, hotplates, sink). Of course you can also put together individual elements. Practical is the use of existing niches. This allows the refrigerator to be fitted precisely while the sink and cooking surface are in a different position. Further tips for choosing the kitchen furniture for the garden house:

  • Take smooth fronts with recessed grips. This looks simpler and, above all, there is no danger that you will constantly come across outstanding handles or get caught on them.
  • Sliding doors in the lower cabinets allow more freedom of movement, because they do not protrude into the room when opening.
  • Do not choose dark colors, they make the garden house, which is not that big anyway, look even smaller.

Tip 3: Storage space under the ceiling

Anyone who uses the garden shed not only as a second living room, but also needs it as a storage room, can quickly reach its limits in terms of space. There is the storage of small garden tools, the requirements for the garden furniture or the toy of the youngest, a Tetris game. Shelving systems that can be adapted to the existing size can be remedied - even with a configurator on So you use every millimeter and still have everything sorted ready to hand.

Quicktipps for the practical Gartenhauseinrichtung

  1. folding chairs in Mediterranean design, not only look good, they also save space. If visitors come, can also expand the seats as fast as lightning.
  2. Instead of lush couch ranges in the garden house a cozy two-seater, At the Swedish furniture giant, there are plenty of matching designs for the garden house, also with sleep function!
  3. Hook on the walls Not only are they useful for the wardrobe, they are also handy for hanging an onion net, barbecue utensils and even shoes.


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