Garden house or garden pavilion?

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What possibilities does a garden pavilion offer in contrast to a garden shed? Here you will find a comparison of the two possibilities.

Garden house or garden pavilion?

If you own a garden and like to spend your time there, you often have to ask yourself whether you would like to have a garden pavilion or a garden shed in order to protect yourself from too much sun and above all from rain. As a retreat, both forms are certainly suitable, but both the garden house and the garden pavilion have their advantages and disadvantages.

The garden house

Most gardeners know a garden house from small allotments. There is a small garden house to be found in each of the plots. But even for the home garden, a garden shed is suitable. There you can safely store, for example, his garden tools and garden furniture. Because in the stable and lockable small house nobody penetrates so easily. To keep your garden utensils safe and handy.

Partly the garden sheds are even equipped with a covered terrace and thus offer space for sitting outdoors or in the sheltered house. A disadvantage is, of course, that the garden shed is tied to a specific location and that you sometimes even need a building permit for its construction.

These small houses are usually built of wood. Care must be taken to ensure that a level foundation, which ideally lies slightly higher than the ground, is available. This protects the wood from moisture. To achieve this, the wood should also be treated with a wood preservative varnish.

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The garden pavilion

A garden pavilion also offers a number of benefits as a sunscreen or protection against rain. One is usually more flexible with such than with a real garden shed. Although there are garden pavilions that are permanently installed in the garden, there are also mobile garden pavilions. Folding pavilions, for example, can be easily transported after a few simple steps. So you are very flexible with such a garden pavilion and can always use it exactly where it is needed. The disadvantage of course is that such a garden pavilion is not as stable as a garden shed or a solid garden pavilion. But they are also much cheaper.

If you choose a fixed garden pavilion, the price rises again, but the possibilities as well. You can choose between open and closed garden pavilions. The closed ones are particularly suitable for wintering of plants, because the large windows let in a lot of light.

The best choice?

Whether one decides on a garden house or a garden pavilion depends entirely on personal needs. So think about what you expect from the pavilion or the garden house and then decide in peace.

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