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Your garden may still look so good - there is a weathered garden shed in it, ruining the sight. My guide shows you how to renew your garden house step by step.

A garden house weathers with time

Garden houses are a fine thing. Formerly used only as a tool shed or as a storage room for bicycles, today they are much more than that. Often they are even furnished like a living room, so even garden parties or romantic evenings can be spent here as a couple.
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But what good is the most comfortable atmosphere if the garden shed does not look nice from the outside anymore? Wind, weather and sunlight make not only natural and untreated garden sheds look old, but also painted over time.

With the right preparation and a high-quality weatherproof paint, you can quickly get your aged garden shed back to new splendor. Our guide will show you how to do it.

You need this:

  • broom
  • wire brush
  • Sandpaper (medium grit) / sanding machine
  • Respirator
  • Cover / Newsprint
  • soft, wide flat brush
  • wood primer
  • Wetterschutzfarbe

Instructions for painting a garden shed

➤ Step 1:

Sweep the garden house

Before you can swing the brush, you must first thoroughly clean your garden shed. In the first step, sweep the surface with a broom and then a wire brush to remove cobwebs and other debris.

Alternatively, you can also abkärchern your garden house. Before you proceed to the next step, you should then let the house dry completely.

➤ Step 2:

Grind garden house

To remove old paint residues, you should now grit sandpaper with a medium grain size and sand the entire garden house. If you want to make this work easier, then of course you can also use a grinder. However, it is important for both variants that you put on a respirator. This will prevent you from inhaling the sanding dust.

Then you have to sweep your garden house again to remove the sanding dust.

➤ Step 3:

Prime garden house

Lay cover foil or newspaper around your summer house so that no paint can seep into the floor later. Then you can finally take a soft, wide flat brush to hand and paint your garden shed with a wood primer. You should do this twice.

By pre-painting with wood primer, the weatherproofing paint then keeps better. The coating with wood primer also optimally protects the wood from infestation with blue mushrooms (read more here).

➤ Step 4:

Paint garden house with weatherproof paint

After the wood primer has dried properly, you can now apply the weatherproof paint. The choice of color is of course a matter of taste. But remember that this should fit the rest or the style of your garden. How about, for example, a garden house in the Scandinavian red and white style?

No matter which shade you have chosen, let the paint dry well after painting. Then you should paint your garden shed a second time. And you're done with the beautification of your garden shed.

If you buy a garden shed or build a garden shed, you should do this work right after the construction so that the wood is protected and looks good from the start.

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