Garden house comfortably set up - 8 tips for feel-good atmosphere

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Door open, garden equipment out, door closed again - that's how most of them use their garden shed. Even this can be set up comfortably. Our 8 tips show you.

You can also comfortably set up a garden shed

In the past, fertilizer, potting soil, garden tools or camping chairs were stored in garden sheds as soon as the summer months were over. But the situation has changed enormously over time. Rough wooden huts have given way to sturdy buildings, some of which are insulated or bricked.

A weekend in such a garden house is so wonderful - provided it is either still warm enough in the fall or you have the opportunity to heat the building. Then a weekend in the allotment also in the autumn months and winter months as nice as a short break.

Nevertheless, in addition to a basic set of furniture often also missing suitable home accessories that make the garden shed more homely and comfortable with frequent stays. In this article we give some suggestions for it.

Get suggestions

For decoration, a variety of styles, deco styles and accessory variations are available. The repertoire is almost endless and if you are not sure in which direction the decoration should go, you can get inspiration and advice in many online shops or in the trade. For example, some online appearances have an extra category for suggestion and decision making. For example, you will also find outfitter under the heading "home accessories" or "inspiration" pages, where you can find beautiful ideas for the design of the garden and all the trappings.

On the other hand, if you've already decided on the style, but are still unsure on how to do it, here are some ideas on how to implement that style.

Tips for a cozy atmosphere in the garden house

Tip 1 - Wooden furniture:

Wooden furniture garden house

Basically, untreated wood furniture, for example with carvings, fit into many garden sheds. Since these furniture is often only useful, you should for example make hard wooden benches or chairs with cushions more comfortable. In the natural environment, especially flower patterns or plant patterns fit into the picture.

If it gets cooler outside, you can also put down blankets in the garden shed. These should be made of fluffy fabrics.

Tip 2 - Candles:

As the days get darker, candles or lanterns are a great way to create a cozy atmosphere. If you do not want to take the risk of burning fire, you can also get battery-operated candles or different fairy lights.

Tip 3 - Busts:

Busts, for example made of plaster, give a garden house a classic and Mediterranean flair. These should place you well visible, but so that they do not stand in the way. Ideal places are e.g. raised cupboards or shelves.

Tip 4 - Plants:

Plants in the garden house

As long as plants are still in bloom, you should allow them to do so. There are e.g. Baskets made of wood, iron or plastic, which you can plant and thus give your garden house an invigorating atmosphere. Vases or planters, for example made of earth-bound terracotta, are also suitable for this purpose.

If you want to keep smaller plants in your garden house due to the cooler temperatures, you can also put them on small herbal stands.

By the way:

Molds made of iron, on which plants can wind up, so say so-called trellises, you can use in the cold months indoors and in the summer months outside.

Tip 5 - Doormat:

In front of garden sheds rarely fortified paths are found as in residential buildings. Therefore, it makes sense to place a Fußabtreter in front of the garden shed or in the entrance area. However, it is important again that this fits the style of the rest of the establishment.

Tip 6 - Hooks / holders for garden tools:

If you want to make room for decorations, you may need to stow gardening items. For this purpose, hooks or brackets are suitable, which are attached to the walls. That in turn can ruin the whole atmosphere of the room. It's best to stash these items behind a curtain.

Tip 7 - maritime decoration:

maritime decoration garden house

Create a maritime flair by, for example, hanging up or putting up paddles. But you can also achieve this atmosphere by cleverly placing large shells or starfish or other items associated with boats. For example, you could also hang parts of fishing nets. These can be equipped with starfish or other sea animals.

But also a glass bottom vase with dune grass looks very nice. Just let your imagination run free.

Tip 8 - Hammock:

If enough space is available, a hammock can spread according to holiday flair.


Basically, if you really care about style and good decoration in your garden shed, you should pay attention to uniformity. There are several, not necessarily expensive, ways to achieve this. However, you should consider the orientation before buying the decoration - should the items spread beach-like feel, a Tuscan feel, or autumnal atmosphere? You can get nice suggestions and advice on the internet or in the specialized trade.

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