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Wooden loungers surrounded by boxwood balls

An attractive garden does not always have to be full of colorful flowers. Great care here Boxwood balls and grasses for an atmospheric atmosphere. Only the Allium occasionally sets colored accents. The plaster pattern of dark and light gray natural stone represents large flowers. The Designer chairs Made of laminated glulam invite you to relax.


Pool in a sunken garden

The famous Sunken Garden The German perennial breeder Karl Foerster served as a model for this design idea. Various Hosta varieties (Hosta) line that Water basin. In addition Bergenie, violet cranesbill, record sheet (Rodgersia) and cream-colored wolf's iron hat (Aconitum vulparia).


Seating area with semicircular raised bed

On semicircular raised bed in front of a wall, planted with purple and white perennials like foxglove, columbine, purple mullein and bronze fennel, is an appealing setting for the Seat. The circle is planted with fragrant Roman chamomile. A Clinker cladding separates the green carpet from the gravel path.


Lawn path with pebble strips

A broader central Rasenweg, which leads through the perennial garden gets out through the strips Pebble paving his special whistle. In the beds flowering steppe sage (Salvia nemorosa), catnip (Nepeta), spur flower (Centranthus), yarrow (Achillea), Mullein (Verbascum) and frost-sensitive crested lavender (Lavandula stoechas), which rarely comes through the winter here.


Chairs on paved terrace surface

Narrow stripes out Fiederpolster (Leptinella) interrupt the bright pavement area the terrace. A white wall and cut into shape Linden provide the perfect privacy. Violet bearded iris blooms in the narrow bed, accompanied by boxwood balls.


Dirt road grass area and Plattenweg

If several paths lead through the garden, they do not all have to be made of the same material. Here connects one gravel the lawn with a Plattenweg. So that the gravel does not get into the bed so quickly, hold it metal rails the way. Beard iris, steppe sage and thyme pads bloom in the bed.


Brick path between perennial beds

Inspired by the famous English country garden of Hidcote Manor, the renowned designer Chris Beardshaw created this perennial plant bed. Various Larkspur varieties Ornamental lily, iris, turk poppy, catnip, yarrow and lady's mantle match the colors perfectly Brick way. In the foreground a fragrant flower Storaxbaum (Styrax japonica).

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