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Is it really possible to create a garden that - once created - keeps itself in good condition? And how much effort is in truth in the little word "easy care", even if seeds or garden literature promise heavenly flower paradise without effort? Those who garden with passion are not afraid of either rose-cutting or weeding. But there are tricks that reduce the care required. Garden connoisseurs, for example, return extravagant plant wishes. If you know the light and soil conditions in your garden, you can choose plants that are naturally made for these conditions.

Whether ground cover or weed fleece - many measures have the same goal, namely to curb weed growth. Pathways to the lawn to save the annual Kantenstechen. If the bed and path are separated by charming natural stones, the latter prevent sprouting seed weeds on the supply. Nursing-poor beds are characterized by slow-growing woody plants and a few types of perennials, which, planted in larger groups, create peaceful garden pictures. The fact that perennials are not set fresh every year, but rooted in the soil in the long term and therefore better cope with periods of drought than annual summer flowers, can greatly facilitate plant selection.

Japanese maple

An impressive play of colors is exhibited by the Japanese Maple (Acer japonicum 'Aconitifolium'). Cutting back? Not necessary!

More tips for easy gardening

Who plans paths or terraces, may fall back on helpful products. For coverings with special surfaces, for example made of Teflon, the high-pressure cleaner is used less frequently because it hardly stains dirt on them and they can be laid without joints. The following applies: Afterwards little care has its price before. Also with the garden equipment there are tricks. Garden furniture or arbors made of hard wood such as robinia last without care outdoors for a long time, fences made of powder-coated aluminum or hot-dip galvanized steel are also durable without any care and protected against corrosion.

Teak garden furniture

Robust wooden furniture made of larch, teak or robinia are naturally resistant. Whoever does not treat them with oil, can enjoy a silvery patina. Advantage: You are allowed to stay outside all year round

Clean bordered beds, for example with clinker, do not get out of shape. As a design element they can also be care-poor substitute for shaped cut figures. Even potted herbs near the house accept pouring pauses and thus minimize the care required. A pretty and easy-care flower dress can be reached through ground covers such as cranesbill or carpet Waldsteinie. Especially for root-infused areas under trees or shrubs, this is a great alternative to grass or bare earth. Because easy-care gardening means exhausting the wealth of nature.

potted herbs

Close to the house on the south side, the potted herbs are perfect, as the way to the fine kitchen flavors is short: rosemary, lemon thyme and sage love warmth and also accept pouring pauses

The fact is, a garden is too alive to work without horticultural effort. Who can curb the next autumn breeze, which is constantly blowing more leaves on the lawn? And because there is no such thing as a completely carefree garden, we learn to enjoy extensive flower-plasters or meditative fence-painting as a recreation...

The best plants for the easy-care garden

Some bushes prefer to be left alone, such as witch hazel, viburnum plicatum, corylopsis or Chinese flower dogwood (Cornus kousa var. Chinensis). Even evergreen rhododendrons are trimmed only for visual reasons.
There are roses that do their own cleaning, such as the pure white variety 'Escimo'. The flowering, pink small shrub rose 'Larissa' discards the flower stem with the entire flower: The summer cut is eliminated.

Purple sun hat

Small shrub rose

Plants for the easy-care garden: Purple sunhat (long flowering, left). Small shrub rose 'Escimo' (self-cleaning flowers, right)

Ornamental trees that do not need to be cut are, for example, fan maple, Japanese maple, ornamental cherry, ornamental apple or large-flowered magnolia. Ball Robinia (Robinia 'Umbraculifera' or Ball-Trumpet Tree (Catalpa 'Nana') keep their round crown even without regular cut.
Perennials that bloom for a particularly long time, such as yellow coneflower, needle-leafed girl's eye, lady's mantle, scabious, sunbeam or cranesbill varieties, look decorative for several months without the need for care. Long-lived perennials such as Daylily, Peony, Funkie, White Woodruff or Forest Goatee remain reliable garden jewelry for many years.



Funkia (left) are particularly durable, maple (right) does not require a cut

Easy care garden: tips from Christian Meyer

Who cleverly equips his garden with plants, can look forward to restful leisure hours. Christian Meyer is gardening and planting planner in Berlin. We asked him how beginners can make the garden easy to care for and what to look for in the design.

Mr. Meyer, what is the best way to start as a beginner if you want to create a low-maintenance garden?
Include the place: Which floor is there, what are the lighting conditions? Which plant knowledge do you have - and so what can be easy to maintain for you personally? Start with compact surfaces, such as 30 or 40 square meters. Often it is worthwhile, next to a small bed, only to create lawns and later to redesign the garden piece by piece. If the plot looks at least a little like a garden, gardeners will find it easier to do so than if they had a complete fallow land in front of them.

Which mistakes happen frequently?
Many people have no idea what the implementation of their plans costs. Some people think too short-term, always have the garden pictures with roses and companions or shape cut in the head. If you really want to be easy, you have to get rid of it.
What are the alternatives?
A bed becomes easy to care for if you start restrained with the blooming and increase in the course of the season. A few splashes of color in the spring and leave after leaving no unsightly spots in the plant carpet, which has its peak in September. For example, larger groups of cushion asters could be planted, from which ornamental lilac and tulips, later small islands of catnip and candied meadow buds protrude, as well as individual fat hens and tall grasses. Variety-dependent fertilization and pruning are then not necessary. In spring sprinkle some humus over the frozen plant remains - done.

wooden fence

A "smart wooden fence" is constructed in such a way that rainwater does not collect at all, but automatically drains off the sloping ends of the wooden slats

Mediterranean and yet easy to maintain - is that possible?
In this case, you should first create the conditions for the particular garden style. For a Mediterranean design this means: beware with compost - make sure that the area remains lean, ie low in nutrients and also sunny in the long term. By the way, it helps many hobby gardeners to divide the garden into sections: In the "intensive area" cut flowers and vegetables grow. In addition, the garden is designed on a large scale Mediterranean.
Widespread? Large gardens are always nurturing...
Of course, smaller areas require less effort, which one must not conceal. But larger gardens can also be made easy to care for, for example, with plants that require little water - so species that have no special wishes.
How easy are gravel paths?
Mineral mulch such as gravel or grit is today often praised as easy-care road pavement. But before you equip surfaces with them, they must be really free of root weeds! Otherwise, they are just as complex to maintain as a normal garden floor. Many garden owners forget: In order to be able to care for it later, the effort for the preliminary planning is often greater.

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