Garden kitchen planning - in 4 steps to the new outdoor kitchen

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Not only eating in the garden, but cooking as well, a dream of many gardeners. With the right planning, this wish does not have to remain a fiction.

Garden kitchen plan instructions

In the main season, from May to September, the garden becomes the second living room. Whenever the weather permits, you can work, relax and even have a barbecue in the garden. The whole day is spent in the garden and of course there is also eaten there. Preparing the evening meal is not that hard, just "throw on" the grill and off you go. But for breakfast and a possible lunch snack, the preparation proves a bit more difficult. All food and crockery must be brought from home, or be "dragged" from the kitchen to the patio or garden. An extremely annoying affair that arouses in many garden owners the desire for a garden kitchen. There's nothing wrong with that if you're thoroughly involved in planning in advance. If everything is well thought out, you too can soon be happy owners of an outdoor kitchen.

Step 1 - Choose the right location

Of course, a suitable location must be available for cooking outdoors. The choice is best made locally, because only then you have a close look for where your garden kitchen could be in the future. Make sure that the space for the outdoor kitchen is in a weather-protected area. Ideally, this location is already covered, which protects your garden kitchen from rain.

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Another advantage is a wind-protected area of ​​the garden or the terrace, so close to a wall or the screen fence. You know your garden best and know exactly from which direction the wind whistles the most. Equally important is the soil condition. Soft floor is not suitable (furniture sagging), under certain circumstances, a firm base must first be created here, in case of doubt it is better to pave the area.

Step 2 - Determine space requirements

For a large plot or patio area this point is not quite as relevant. You have enough space? Then use it, but always keep your budget in mind. In smaller gardens, the space required for the garden kitchen must be measured exactly, two tricks help:

  1. Mark the place for the garden kitchen with chalk powder.
  2. Render the measurements on graph paper.

Step 3 - Check the power and water connections

Garden kitchen plan water electricity

Again, the advantage is that he wants to build his outdoor kitchen on his own property. Electricity and water connection are available and under certain circumstances can also be laid accordingly. In a garden plot, the situation is a bit more complicated, especially in the sewage sector. But there is also a solution here. If you can not mount a sink, plan at least one washing-up opportunity. A dishwasher would certainly be the optimal luxury, but keep in mind that such electrical devices are not developed for outdoor use and survive a wet cold winter season hardly hail.

Step 4 - Assemble furniture for the garden kitchen

Now we come to the pleasant part of planning, choosing the right furniture. Your taste and, of course, your personal wishes have priority, but do not forget that ultimately everything must fit on the existing space. Simplify the mental adjustment of the kitchen cabinets by using the planning of a "normal" kitchen as a model. Inside, every millimeter is finally measured and then the interior is fitted.

The times when kitchens were planned with pencil and ruler on paper are over thank God. Today, you simply create your dream kitchen on the computer with a planning tool such as the free 3D planner from Küchen Quelle. If you use this handy tool for your garden kitchen design, keep in mind that there are rarely any outdoor walls. The installation of tall cabinets is thus flat in most cases.

Inspirations for your new garden kitchen

Garden kitchen planning - in 4 steps to the new outdoor kitchen: kitchen

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Garden kitchen planning - in 4 steps to the new outdoor kitchen: garden

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Garden kitchen planning - in 4 steps to the new outdoor kitchen: steps

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Garden kitchen planning - in 4 steps to the new outdoor kitchen: garden

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In summary: the most important points at a glance

  • Select location, consider weather conditions
  • Determine space requirements, note down dimensions exactly
  • Check options for power and water connection
  • Fit furniture and appliances in floor plan
  • Keep an overview of the budget


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