Garden maintenance in September

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Garden maintenance in September

The garden season is slowly coming to an end, but the work is far from over. September has another full one To do list to offer.

  1. If you want to sow flowers and summer shrubs by yourself, then collect the seeds. Dry them and bring them out in spring where they should grow from the summer.
  2. If your evergreen shrubs have become too big for the pot, now is the best time to repot them. Evergreen plants in the field should be vigorously watered again so they can get enough water for the winter.
  3. If you want peonies in the garden, then now is the best planting time. The spring onions are now in the ground.
  4. Overgrown shrubs that have already withered can be shared.
  5. September is the best time to sow a new lawn.
  6. Since the first foliage already falls, you should provide your garden pond with a foliage net or leaf grid, so that the leaves do not fall into the water.

Otherwise, do not forget to enjoy the garden in nice and warm autumn weather again enough.

Video Board: Gardening Tips for September.

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