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Did not you plan to redesign your garden? If the future outfit may well be something unusual, you will love the current Asian style.
Everything you need for this can be found in hardware stores, at gardeners and in furniture stores.
Reeds or bamboo mats are suitable as "stylish" screens, they should not be too high, after all, you do not want to build barricades.
Typical of the Asian style are quiet, unobtrusive colors. This is particularly evident in the selection of plants. Not the color-intensive perennials or summer flowers are in the foreground, but predominantly green deciduous and coniferous trees such as pines, juniper, cypress, Japanese maple or bamboo. The vessels should be as simple and frost-hardy as possible, so that the trees can stay out even in winter. All other accessories, from wind lights with Japanese characters to stylish figures.
Silent refuges, designed according to the model of nature
At first glance, Japanese gardens look sober and strange. Different than we are used to from our colorful gardens. At the same time they fascinate us. You enjoy the soothing peace, without being distracted by disturbing influences. Although nature in its entirety serves as a model for Far Eastern garden art, the essential design elements can be realized in just a few square meters. The most important design elements are water, stones and plants. They are mostly of a symbolic nature and represent sea, rock and landscape. Water is the heart of every facility. As a vital element, it gently splashing out of a well or resting silently in a pond.
The planting: durable and easy to care for
The aim of Far Eastern garden art is to create a perfect, consistent scene that barely changes. Instead of short-lived summer flowers perennial shrubs, climbing plants and shrubs are preferred.
1. Honeysuckle: undemanding climbing plant for sunny and partially shaded places. Flowers pink-yellow from spring to late summer.
2. Barbed sprigs: upholstery forming, a few centimeters high ground cover with silver-gray foliage. Grows only on dry, sandy soil.
3. Gold strawberry: evergreen, 15 to 20 cm tall, robust shrub that spreads quickly in partially shaded spots. Flowers golden yellow from April to May.
4. Japanese ornamental quince: slow-growing small shrub. From the orange-red flowers that appear in spring, develop small, pleasantly fragrant fruits.
5. Rock pear: This tree, which is about 6 m high, is valued for its attractive spring flowers, its autumn color and the numerous edible fruits.
6. Cattail: marsh plant with dark brown fruit flasks.
7. Swamp iris: It grows 60 to 80 cm tall and blooms blue, purple, white or pink from July to August.
Bamboo typical asian
The graceful woodland also grows excellently in pots. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing and nursing. Basically you can plant every bamboo in a pot. He just has to be big enough and have a good drainage. While hardy species. stay outside all year round are winter-like, similar to potted plants, wintered in a bright, cool and frost-free room. Remarkably decorative is the black-bamboo (PhyIlostachys nigra).
Its long, slender tubes are green in the first year and turn black from the second year. He tolerates frost to minus 18° C, but he should be a little protected in winter. If you are worried that the plants will become too big over the years, they will keep them in check with scissors or choose low species from the outset like the evergreen dwarf bamboo. He will be a maximum of 50 cm high. All bamboo species need a lot of water, the soil must never dry out. For nutrient supply you can use slow-release fertilizer or liquid leaf plant fertilizer.
Decoration extra tip
The ship rustles softly when the wind blows through the stalks. Decorative miscanthus is a visual and acoustic enrichment for your garden. The pleasant rustling calms and relaxes. In addition, the man-sized ornamental grass adorns in late summer with silvery white or reddish flowers that protrude far beyond the leaves. It is completely hardy and is cut back about 10 cm above the ground in spring.
Capricious coniferous wood, The Himalayan pine looks very picturesque due to its slender, upright growth and the long needles. In the mild climate of the winegrowing areas she feels particularly well. In other areas, it must be protected from heavy frost, dehydration, the wind and the rays of the winter sun.
Proven perennials, whether with or without flowers: Funkia are an excellent match for the Far Eastern style.Depending on the variety they bloom white or pale purple. In particular, the colorful-leaved funkies set special accents. Their elegant charisma can be increased even more by putting them in beautiful containers.
Lovely water music, A gently rippling jet of water that is balm for strained nerves.
When choosing suitable stones you should make sure that they harmonize in size with the existing surface. For example, these stones can serve as tread plates. Stylish accessories such as Japanese stone lanterns or a simple bamboo fence set striking accents and complete the picture.

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