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Should it be a simple glass cultivation in which frost-tolerant plants play the main role? Or a winter-blooming oasis where you spend as much time as possible? The technical design and above all the temperature determine the choice of plants decisively.

Cold conservatories, in which frost can prevail for a short time, are given an East Asian flair by bamboo, camellia, star jasmine, loquat and aukube together with rattan or bamboo furniture. If you opt for a frost-free, full-blown winter garden, there is a wealth of choice in the Mediterranean flora, Cistus, laurel, myrtle, pomegranate, olive and fig spread southern mood. They all withstand high temperature fluctuations in the summer and thrive in good ventilation without shading. If the temperature does not fall below 5° C, citrus fruits such as tangerine, orange or kumquat join. At temperatures above 8 degrees Celsius (optimum 10 to 15 degrees), controlled ventilation and shading tropical children such as spice bark, violet shrub, princess and cross flower open their Flowers throughout the year. The fruits of passion fruit, cream apple and guava on the other hand tempt you to hearty biting.

violets Bush

The violet bush with its pretty tubular flowers thrives in the moderately warm conservatory

In the room-warm winter garden flourish exotics like real papyrus, alokasie, gold ear, Schönmalve, lantacum and Hibiskus.Auf the permeability of the glazing should be careful with room-warm winter gardens. Because the higher the insulation value of the glass, the more light it absorbs - and the plants are in spite of apparent brightness in the dark.

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