Transform garden house into an oasis of well-being - 6 tips for a cozy ambience

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A garden house does not just have to serve as a storage room for garden tools and bicycles. You can also conjure up a living room in the countryside in an instant.

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A garden house can perform many functions: It can accommodate garden tools and bicycles, provide space for toys or storage space for garden furniture. If you want to use the garden shed as a cozy retreat, you need a little more than four walls with a roof and a door. A private garden house can provide space for a sociable coffee table or provide the necessary protection in the evening at the barbecue. How to make a wonderful retreat from a drab garden hut, we show you with the following 6 tips.

Tips for a cozy atmosphere in the garden house

Tip 1 - Upgrading the kit house:

It's actually quite simple. They go to a hardware store, pick out the garden shed and assemble it at home. If you are clever, already think when purchasing the garden shed on the possibilities to upgrade a simple kit house by a little own contribution. Do you want to make a winter quarters out of a Spartan summer hut? Then you can additionally insulate and disguise the house from the inside. It is also important to think about the flooring. Kit houses sometimes have no floors, so you have to take care of it anyway. Why not plan a great paving right now? This makes your garden shed a very special place.

Tip 2 - Plan larger windows:


Although some garden houses have a suitable floor space and are also suitable for use in winter tolerable, but the exposure leaves much to be desired. Small windows may look cute on the outside, but those who spend many hours each day in the garden shed are grateful for generous glass surfaces. If you decide to provide one side of the garden shed with a large window, this considerably increases the utility value. Alternatively, it is also possible to upgrade the entrance area with a large glass patio door. Depending on the version, you can provide them with insect protection devices, lockable handles and shutters.

Tip 3 - Setting up like a living room:

A garden house is all the more comfortable, the more comfortable you set it up - from the floor covering on the wall hanging to lighting and furniture. Those who use the garden shed regularly should pay particular attention to the selection of furniture. Of course, the choice also depends on the temperature and humidity conditions in the garden shed. If the garden shed is little isolated and intended only for summer use, then easy-care garden furniture with comfortable cushions should be the first choice. Furniture made of sturdy polyurethane with correspondingly durable seat covers in beautiful patterns look inviting. Equip the seating with comfortable cushions. Then it feels even more homely.

Tip 4 - Select lamps:


Garden lovers are close to nature and care about the environment. If you want to provide your garden house with electricity and attach light sources, you are looking ahead to energy-saving lamps. The Federal Environment Agency provides tips and shopping aids on the topic of lighting technology with low environmental impact. When choosing the light color you should make sure that the white content is not too high. Because a high proportion of white means a sterile atmosphere. It depends on the light color and should have a friendly, warm tone in the sense of the cosiness factor.

Indirect lighting works best in the relatively narrow garden sheds. A simple trick with a big impact is to use typical sauna lights. There are beautiful models with hand-carved motifs, which provide comfort and soft light emission. Even more tips for lighting in the garden provides our contribution "5 lighting ideas for your garden."

Tip 5 - The wall design:

A simple garden hut has raw planks as wall cladding and that does not seem very inviting. If you make a little effort, but can make a small garden paradise from an unspectacular garden shed. The hardware store supplies large-format drywall elements for cladding. These are applied to the substructure and then serve as a surface for further processing. Always keep in mind that the log cabin "works" because it is exposed to the weather. Therefore, it is not advisable to plaster the surfaces completely, because then the formation of cracks is inevitable. In a garden hut, it is therefore useful to install the dry elements with great care to keep the joints as evenly as possible.Paint directly onto the elements, wipe them in wiping technique or opt for a different, non-uniform texture.

If that's too much of a hassle, you can use fabric and tacker, because you can generously cover the walls with fabrics. Depending on which pattern you can heat up, give the garden house an oriental look, make for a more rustic or for a filigree impression. Bright fabrics with interwoven golden threads look noble, fabrics with strong color patterns rather Mediterranean.

Tip 6 - make for a welcoming atmosphere in front of the door:

A garden house can be used not only in spring and summer. With the right insulation and the right equipment, you can make yourself comfortable in the fall and winter. For example, the Clockhouse-44 Royal ISO garden house could be your home-away-from-home oasis that can be used at any time.

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A garden house is then integrated particularly harmoniously into the garden when it has grown. Therefore, it is a good idea to set up a few potted plants directly at the garden house and create a bed in which pretty shrubs provide the necessary framework. Flowering plants in the entrance area are also inviting. Also, a door wreath or decorative elements on the outer walls provide attractiveness. But beware: less is more! If you dig too deep into the decorative tricks box, the little house overflows and it looks kitschy. It is better to decide on a few things and use them specifically.


You can see how easy it is to turn a simple garden house into a place of well-being. Even if you only implement one of the mentioned tips, you will already see a noticeable improvement. With the goal in sight, soon to sit in a lighted and air-filled garden room with feel-good atmosphere, the next spring can come quickly.

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