Garden party in bad weather - so crickets and Co. still works

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Do not rely on the weather when planning a garden party. With a bit of preparation and clever ideas, your event will never fall into the water.

Garden party in bad weather

Pluck weeds, plant vegetables and harvest fruit - these are tasks that make a hobby gardener happy. But the absolute highlight is probably when you can use his garden as a recreational oasis after work. Spontaneous garden parties are therefore not rare and what is nicer, than with friends and family the grill to throw on and to make God a good man. The problem in our beautiful country is that the weather unfortunately does not stick to our plans. When it suddenly starts to rain while the first bratwursts have a golden brown color, good advice is expensive. Mostly there is only the escape into the house and a brave grill master who, armed with an umbrella, continues to take care of the physical well-being.
However, if larger events such as school enrollment, birthday or christening are due, you should not hope for good weather. Who wants to play it safe, must have a plan B, so that the garden party does not literally fall into the water. I can not guarantee you a hundred percent success with my tips, but at least you are prepared if the weather forecast for "your big day" suddenly says no more sunshine ahead.

Rain protection: Keep guests and barbecue dry

Awning garden

Rain is pretty much the most suboptimal thing that can happen at a garden party. So it's important to keep the grill and guests dry. In the best case, your terrace has a roof, then the problem is already solved.


If not, it is worth buying a weatherproof awning. As I read at Steda, you should pay particular attention to the material of the awning fabric used, so raindrops easily bead off and you can sit comfortably under it even with a larger shower. For very sensitive minds you should have a few simple, thin rain capes ready. They cost no more than one euro and are available at Tedi.


The classic in itself, which proves itself time and again, is a garden pavilion. There are now countless models and variants, so you should not find it difficult to find the right pavilion for your purposes.

My advice: Do not set up the pavilion on the day of the party, because sometimes this act takes some time.

The size is of course dependent on the number of guests, do not calculate too short, so that each guest can sit comfortably. Roughly enough you need for about 25 people a about 4 x 6m large pavilion. If you have a lot of guests, but do not want to buy an XXL pavilion right away, you can rent a matching party tent on the Mile Mile portal.

Barbecue in the rain

How do you protect your food in a rain shower? Sometimes a slightly larger parasol is enough, but beware of rising flames! It is better to buy a "weatherproof" grill right away. This refers to grill models with "hood", so a kettle grill with lid, or equal to a multifunctional BBQ Smoker, which may then also under the pavilion.

Wind and cold defy

Fire bowl garden

Guests who feel cold get uncomfortable and spoil their mood. To prevent this from happening, you have to organize an alternative in the absence of sun.

Fire bowl or fire basket

When it is cool, but not raining, a fire bowl or a fire basket proves itself. Remember to get the appropriate firewood in time!

patio heater

Terrace radiant heaters are even better and usually also warmer. Even if the Dinger so hot, you can use the heater not only on the terrace of course. The prerequisite is that your copy is transportable and has appropriate roles. Of course, there are also simple variants that are powered by electricity, but they are only of use if there is a power connection nearby. Terrace heaters powered by gas are in my opinion optimal and if you look at the models of smart furniture, I am sure that your guests will not only have cuddly warm, but also "envious" views of the noble part throw.


Planning a perfect windbreak is quite difficult, as you never know from which corner it is blowing. At least make sure that it does not pull in the sitting area if you are sitting outdoors. With a bit of creativity, a windbreak can be pulled from an awning or other tarpaulin between two trees. Although this holds no hurricane, but a fresh breeze always. If it should not be the mobile version, but you want a permanent windbreak (also for later celebrations), then I recommend so-called privacy fences.The fence systems are available in almost any desired height and width and they not only hold off wind, but also protect against prying eyes.

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