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Comfortable and inconspicuous irrigation: Gardena's garden pipeline runs underground, the hose is connected to the water outlet.

Gardena pipeline

With one click you connect the hose to the water outlet

Especially owners of larger gardens long for more comfort in irrigation. In order to be able to water even in remote places, they had to haul the hose up and down the garden. The remedy is now a new system from Gardena, with which unremarkable connection points can be created in the garden. Underground laid pipes bring the water to so-called water outlets, to which the hose can be coupled. The sockets have automatic stop valves, which release the water only when the hose is plugged. A retractable ball cover and a removable sieve prevent contamination. The Garden Pipeline Start Set includes, among other things, a connection set, a junction box, two water sockets and various connectors and costs about 100 euros. In addition, installation pipes (25 mm) and garden hose (3/4 inch) from Gardena are required for installation.
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Video Board: GARDENA Sprinklersystem training film (2013).

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