Plan and create garden - step by step instructions

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You would like to turn your garden into an oasis of well-being? Then follow our instructions. So planning and investing at the garden can not go wrong.

The right planning is the alpha and omega

The garden should be a wellness oasis

A beautiful garden is an ideal retreat to recharge your batteries and relax in the outdoors and in the fresh air. But the garden must also be like a real oasis of well-being, because only then can you really switch off and enjoy your thriving oasis. So that also from your garden is a nice place, here is a step by step guide, how to plan your garden properly and then implement.

Plan and create garden - step by step instructions

Step 1 - Plan the garden properly:

A beautiful garden requires good planning right from the start. When designing the garden, you first have to decide which type of garden you would like to have. Do you dream of a traditional ornamental garden, a vegetable garden with fruit trees and vegetable beds, a natural garden or maybe even a Japanese-style garden? Or would you like to create a front garden, a courtyard garden or a roof garden?

If you have children, then you should also plan enough open space to play or even create your own play area with elements such as swing, sandpit or even a football goal.

Step 2 - Make a sketch:

Once the preceding questions have been clarified, it is important to put all your ideas and ideas on a piece of paper, as this is the only way to reach your goal later. If you have your sketch in mind, then you will see much more clearly whether your ideas can really be implemented or whether the whole results in a harmonious picture. If you are worried about it, for example, if you are digging, digging, etc., then it may already be too late for your garden dreams.

Even a rather narrow area can be optically transformed into a beautiful, spacious garden with good planning and the right layout.


In order to make your own garden look a little better, you should create individual components such as lawns, flowerbeds and perennials in a harmonious relationship.

Step 3 - Implement garden dreams:

Depending on the space and ideas of your own dream garden, you can now start with the garden design. Here you should think carefully, if you want to implement your garden project yourself, or if you prefer to get professional help. A professional gardener and landscape designer enchants every previously dusty open area in a fragrant sea of ​​flowers and does all the gardening conscientiously and carefully. He can also create practical and extremely chic refinements in garden design such as a pond with a waterfall for a water garden or terraces and paths.

Especially if you have such special requests, you should contact a specialist. While you may have the best ideas in your head, what good is that if you can not do them with expert skill? So you better turn to a specialist - you will not waste any money if it did not work out during the DIY test.


In a beautiful garden, the garden design is never complete, because you always set new plants depending on the season, enhance the beds with matching accessories and invest a lot of care in the garden.

If you still have some dreams or ideas for your garden later on, then it is important to plan them thoroughly beforehand, so that the harmonious image in the garden remains.

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