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Garden planning made easy in the kitchen garden

Depending on the project and desire, you can find various types of garden planners on the internet, for example free and usually simply knitted versions like the vegetable platter, with which your own kitchen garden can be planned. In addition, the online app gives tips on cultivation, care and harvest of the desired plants. homepage

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Garden planner as software and app: design

Garden planner as software and app: software

Garden planner as software and app: software


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Garden planner as software and app: software

With news about the project and current gardening tips, the homepage receives the users

Garden planner as software and app: planner

Clear with bed view, monthly plan and easy-to-understand menu structure, so can score

Garden planner as software and app: garden

The vegetable selection is divided into the different nutrient requirements of the plants. This also allows a good Beetrotation plan

Garden planner as software and app: software

Also to the location with direction and the microclimate of the bed was thought. This makes it easier to predict planting and harvesting times

Garden planner as software and app: planner

Here you can enter the dimensions of the bed to the centimeter.

Garden planner as software and app: design

The regulators can be used to select the desired quantity of the vegetables to be planted

Garden planner as software and app: design

Under Gemüseinfo find important tips on the individual types of vegetables and herbs such as the point "Compatible (not) with," as well as sowing and care tips

Garden planner as software and app: garden

In the Garden Info tab you will find many helpful tips and information on gardening homepage selection vegetable selection Location and sun bed area amount of vegetables Vegetable Info garden info

Garden planning via iPhone and iPad

GrowVeg is an English-language purchase software, which can be purchased either on the home computer or mobile for the iPad and iPhone. The software offers a seven-day trial period and can then be booked for a fee. For one year the license costs 27 €. The biennial license is available for 39 €. Advantages of the purchase version are, for example, the e-mail notifications when the right sowing time or when to expect the harvest. Of course, nevertheless, a scrutinizing look at the crop should be thrown, if that is really the case. In addition, the software provides suggestions for crop rotation and crop rotation to prevent soil fatigue.

GrowVeg screenshot

GrowVeg is similar in structure to, offers a bit more options for planning, but is in English

Garden planner for the ornamental garden

Dan offer of good planning software for the ornamental garden is unfortunately quite manageable - especially in the free area. Also, our former Mein-schöner-Garten-Planer retired with the relaunch of the website, because it was based on the so-called Flash technology, which is only partially compatible with our new website. An alternative is the English-speaking gardenplanner. With it you can design your own dream garden on white graph paper in 2D. Depending on leisure, so handsome garden plans are created, which can also be printed out.

gardenplanner screenshot

gardenplanner puts the main focus on the pure garden design in comparison to the kitchen garden planners. True to the motto: How can I make the space available to me according to my wishes.

Garden planning software - extensive but complicated

Paid garden planners as stationary software for the domestic computer are hardly offered these days, besides, they are usually quite complex and usually in English. But there is at least one variant for the small budget: 3D Garden - A software that can be planned in 3D. The emphasis is on "can", because the entry into digital garden planning is not that easy. The software offers many possibilities, but also requires time and training in the functions. Anyone who is impatient and does not want to invest time in the learning phase will hardly be happy with it. For software-loving garden architects, the software offers a lot of potential for just under € 30.

Garden planning with digital drawing programs

If you are interested in the subject of digital illustration, you may also be interested in purchasing a design program such as Adobe Illustrator or Coral Draw. Although the software is complex and requires a long training period, it can also do a great deal: you can, for example, design a symbol for each plant species and save it as a permanent design element in a library. After this preliminary work, planting plans for perennial beds on the computer can then be designed quite quickly. Many of the floor plan drawings for our design suggestions from the "before and after" section are also created using Adobe Illustrator. A disadvantage of these programs is of course the high price: Adobe Illustrator is available in the latest version only as a rental software and costs as an annual license around 250 ¬ - certainly too much for a one-off gardening. Somewhat cheaper is Coral Draw - the version X6 costs about 100 €.

Video Board: Using the Garden Planner to Plan a Vegetable Garden.

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