Garden planning, garden design and garden design

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Here you will find tips and advice on garden planning, garden design and garden design - from planning to completion. Many building and planting instructions help shape the garden.

Who plans a garden, must deal with the local conditions. Soil quality, weather conditions, overall environment. On a large piece of paper you can sketch the first thoughts.
On the paper changes are possible and you can start from scratch. Everything should be well thought out in the planning. Which bed where? How many plants are needed in about? A little tip: If you buy large quantities of plants from one and the same gardener, you may get quantity discounts. The exact planning not only of the garden, also the cost saves a lot of time and money. A garden does not emerge overnight. This work takes a lot of time and patience.

Gardens are like an apartment, in both you want to feel at home. And yet, despite all familiarity, one sometimes has the desire for change. In your own four walls, it is enough to move some furniture or wallpaper it. But you may also plan a major renovation that involves moving walls.

It is similar in the garden design. You can change some potted plants or sow a bed of new summer flowers. You may also want to change your garden design, dig a pond or pile up a patio. Regardless of whether you are remodeling an existing garden or creating a new one, you can not do without careful garden planning.

Before you bother about individual plants or design elements, you should think about what the garden will primarily serve. Do you want a retreat for recreation or play areas for your children? Once these questions have been clarified, garden planning and then garden design can begin. Depending on what your wishes look like, a lot of work comes to you, but it can be spread over several years.

Garden planning, garden design and garden design: planning

Garden planner free, free

To plan a garden, you do not necessarily spend a lot of money on the software, because there are a number of free programs that can be found on the Internet and immediately load on his hard drive. Often you can also use the software directly on the screen and start planning right away.

Garden planning, garden design and garden design: planning

The cost of gardening - that's how much a garden architect costs

A beautifully designed garden is no coincidence, but the result of a well-grounded garden planning. The professional garden architect understands the clever combination of a multitude of significant factors that combine to form a green, natural retreat. This guide gives an overview of the costs with tips for savings.

Container plants on balcony & terrace

If you do not have a garden, but a balcony or a terrace, you do not have to do without a thriving oasis. The variety of potted plants makes it possible to create a little paradise on the smallest balcony. But even in the flower beds you can give potted plants a chance.

Build natural stone wall yourself - instructions

A natural stone wall is a wall that can be built from different stones, but is often made of sandstone or carved limestone. Which stones are selected depends on the taste of the land owner.

Free software for garden design

The garden design is for many, many homeowners an issue in itself. First of all, gardening is understood to mean work designed to make the garden more beautiful, or to prepare it for its purpose.

Foundlings in the garden - Tips on garden design

Not only in the well-known Japanese rockeries stones are used for the design and structuring of garden areas. Because even in German gardens there are always stone elements that attract the attention of owners and visitors through their good positioning and the special effect.

Ideas for landscaping with gravel and stones

The own garden is a large field for the personal taste, the preference for one or the other design. It must of course be taken into account how the climatic conditions are designed, because then depends mainly on the type of possible planting.

Make your own garden - garden design for beginners

Having a garden is a real gift for the vast majority of us. Which, however, can not be enjoyed without work, especially in the initial phase, because a garden would like to be designed, and this garden design does not start without information, planning and consideration.

Create new plant / garden

Your own garden is an enrichment for many people.Here you are your own master and can develop freely in terms of design. In addition, a private garden is a kind of balance to the often too hectic everyday life - you can work out or relax after work and relax.

Garden design by decoration

Every garden needs some decoration. Whether in the form of rosebows, roseballs, obelisks, or wind chimes, it does not matter. Here really decides the personal taste. Colorful roseballs, a pretty obelisk, here and there a few small figures of wood or clay (for example terracotta).

Garden design - more than perfect styling

What sounds like a modern invention has millennia of tradition. Already in antiquity, pharaohs and kings had their gardens designed as works of art that corresponded to the then prevailing ideals of beauty and harmony.

Farm Garden Design - Ideas

There are countless ideas for the design of cottage gardens. However, the location, condition of the soil and the tree population are crucial for the planning.

Garden design on a slope

The creation and design of a garden or a bed is already under normal circumstances, no easy task. It requires a lot of planning and especially for beginners often the advice of a professional.

Create and design a garden as an Asian

Did not you plan to redesign your garden? If the future outfit may well be something unusual, you will love the current Asian style.

Create ornamental garden - plant for the garden ornament!

One of the most popular garden types is the ornamental garden, because here the whole garden year can be experienced over a varied color splendor. Amidst the green of trees, hedges and lawns unfold the blooming flowers and shrubs, which in addition spread their wonderful scent.

Ideas for bedding boundaries

Bedding boundaries make gardening easier, as they prevent grass from growing in the beds and flushing the soil in the garden during heavy rain.

Lavasplitt - ornamental gravel for Mediterranean gardens

Lava chippings are very versatile. The good thing is that the porous quarry stones are very light. Lava chippings are of volcanic origin.

Build garden stairs yourself

Stairs are very important. On the one hand, they allow us, of course, to reach higher places. But apart from this purely practical purpose, they often beautify their surroundings.

Creating and designing a stone bed - instructions

For many hobby gardeners, the creation of a gravel or stone bed belongs to the front garden design: It should leave a neat impression on neighbors or passers-by and round off the main view of the house positively. Learn everything important about the Steinbeet plant and care.

Video Board: How to layout your garden (part 1) - plotting plants and landscaping.

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