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The pond as a garden pond naturally requires care. This mainly due to the pond plants, fish and algae found therein. What you have to pay attention to and which tips are particularly recommendable can be found here. The care of the garden pond is one of the most important works in the garden. It is important that the water is free of algae, leaves and other pollution, so as not to endanger the life of the animals living in the pond, and to maintain the biological balance. Many pond plants, and some animals can help us with the pond care. These keep the water in the garden pond clean and algae-free, but in spite of everything, humans must also lend a hand. Foliage and floating dirt must be fished out of the water by means of a landing net. Dead plant parts can cause rot or mold. The reason for this is the damp environment.

Maintain garden pond - care: garden pond

Make your own pond - Composition of pond substrate

For garden ponds, the composition of the earth plays a very important role. On the one hand, the earth, for example, must contain enough nutrients for the plants, on the other hand, nutrients but also promote the algal bloom. So it is not so easy to create and, above all, to maintain a natural and stable balance in the garden pond. There are also different Teicherden for the different pond plants, depending on the requirements of the plants and the pond. Making tea yourself is not for laymen, as you should know something.

Maintain garden pond - care: care

Pond cover to build yourself - Tips for child protection

A garden pond is something great, but also a risk for children. Every year countless, especially small children drown in garden ponds and pools, in Germany and worldwide. In children between one and five years, the drowning accident in the private garden pond is probably the most common non-natural cause of death. Water is a magical attraction for children, and there are always tragic accidents. Drowning is not a question of water depth. A child can drown in only a few inches of deep water. To make matters worse, that the little ones have no self-defense mechanism, they do not make any rescue attempts, do not call for help and just go under.

Maintain garden pond - care: care

Remove pond waste and dispose of it - but where to go?

Removing pond mud is important to maintain water quality and prevent the formation of decay sludge. But how can he be best disposed of and disposed of? Here are the appropriate instructions.

Maintain garden pond - care: care

Carbonate hardness: this will lower or increase the KH value

The carbonate hardness is the most important water value in addition to the total hardness, without which no garden or fish pond can function. It is crucial for all life in the pond and can stabilize all water-internal processes, including the pH-value. Regular checks prevent deterioration of the water quality.

Copper sulphate against algae

Copper sulphate should not or only very sparingly be used for water treatment and algae control and for the sake of the environment. While it really helps to keep the pool water clean, it is unhealthy for the environment and many microorganisms.

Algae in the garden pond - prevent & avoid

It is summer, the garden is in full bloom and your own biotope, the garden pond looks beautiful from afar. But if you come closer to the pond, the water seems to be clouding. Algae! The whole pond is full of what to do?

What to do with algae bloom?

Every pond owner knows the problem. In the pond, the water becomes cloudy and green. The algae are spreading. The water in a garden pond is extremely sensitive to external influences such as heat, UV radiation, etc. Also, the substances in the water contribute much to the changes.

Keep the garden pond free of ice

Keep pond and garden pond ice-free On the one hand, the frozen garden pond provides a very special sight in winter. On the other hand, this can be very dangerous for a fish stocking, even deadly. It is therefore advisable to keep the garden pond ice-free at least in places in winter.

Pond protection - Attention children!

Every year, many children crash in the garden pond. Many accidents end fatally. That does not have to be. The source of the accident is known and who has children, the pond should be so delimited that no child can hurt. In fact, if you have a pond on the property, you have to secure it.

Build pond filter yourself - construction manual

Of course, there are in almost every hardware store with garden department or in specialized garden stores ready-built pond filters for immediate use. Cost-specific, however, this is a not to be despised investment.

Eisfreihalter for garden pond - avoids fish deaths

A garden pond with fish is something nice.But every year the same question arises: where to go with the fish in winter? Can you stay in the pond?

Pond pictures - photos around the garden pond

A pond is an extremely multi-faceted structure of animals, plants and microorganisms. As "colorful" as a pond can be, so different are the different species of pond that are now available.

Turbid pond water - clarify pond properly

If you have a pond in the garden, you usually do not want the water to become an indefinable cloudy broth. Only with clear water can plants and living things be observed below the surface. Sometimes it is hard to avoid turbid water.

6 reasons for water loss in the garden pond (pond)

A pond is the icing on the cake for many garden owners in the garden. But such a biotope sometimes does not only bring joy. If the pond loses water, it can quickly take up a lot of work and considerable costs.
There are several reasons why water can be missing.

Insert Zeobakterlith in the garden pond in 8 steps

The right water quality in the garden pond is important, but its maintenance is not an easy task. Usually, complicated and not cheap filter systems are used, which consume a lot of time and energy.

Pond care in spring - care after the winter

After the winter, many people can not wait to go back to the garden to start setting up and caring for the grounds and the pond.

Foliage in the garden pond - prevent with foliage net and remove properly

Device foliage in the garden pond, you have a lot of work as a garden owner. It has to be removed as soon as possible. If the leaves first sink to the bottom of the pond, they are difficult to get out again. They decompose and there are fermentation gases. In addition, numerous nutrients are released, which then again lead to increased algae in the following spring. Foliage in the pond water can not be completely prevented, but severely limited. Read what to do!

Winterizing the garden pond - this is how fish survive in winter

From September, the garden pond prepares for the winter, then from November it rests. In the autumn months, it is important to clean the pond, to prevent foliage or to decouple leaves, to cut plants, to take out or implement and to prepare the fish for the frost.

Garden pond in autumn - tips for care and cleaning

In autumn there is a lot to do around the garden pond. Foliage nets help, so that hardly leaves fall into the water. Otherwise, the leaves must be regularly fished, especially before they sink to the bottom. Furthermore, the water care is important and of course the garden pond has to be prepared for the winter.

Tips for garden pond care during the year

Actually, you have to do something at a garden pond the whole year, sometimes more, sometimes less. In winter, the work is usually limited to controls. In summer, the water level must be kept constant, the oxygen supply must be correct, algae must be removed and the faded must be cut off.

String algae in the garden pond - this is how you destroy the algae

String algae occur in almost every garden pond. The appearance and spread are dependent on several factors. It is best to start with pond planning to prevent infestation. The appropriate size and the location of the pond are already decisive. Nevertheless, algae, especially filamentous algae can never be completely avoided.

Buy Eisfreihalter and build yourself - the best variants

If you own a garden pond, you have to do some work in autumn so that plants and animals can get through the winter well. It is understood that only plants and creatures survive the cold season, which can tolerate frost. Therefore, one should inquire before planting or suspending them exactly. In addition, it must be ensured that the oxygen exchange also works under a possibly formed ice cover, otherwise there is no life in the pond.

Pond heater to build yourself - instructions

A pond heater ensures that the water in the pond always has the desired temperature. Of course, this is good for all living things in winter, especially in winter. Some noble fish, which like to be adorned, need higher temperatures than our "ordinary" pond fish. For smaller ponds, which like to freeze in winter, the fish can thus remain in the pond and must not be caught out and overwintered frost-free.

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