Garden pond in winter - you should pay attention

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Now it's time again: winter is coming. But what happens to the garden pond in winter? We'll tell you how to make it winterproof.

Make for ice holes in the garden pond

When should you worry about ice holes?
If there is a pond in the garden, then you should not skip it over winter. The water should stay in the pond - if there are fish or plants, then all the more. If the garden pond is planted, then you do not have to worry about winter holes over winter, because the pond will never freeze completely anyway. The plants act as straws, keeping small ventilation ducts clear.

However, if you have no plants in the pond, you should always provide for ice holes. One or two holes are enough. This has the reason that the water is enriched in the winter with enough oxygen and additional leaching gases can escape.

Making ice holes - but how?
To get holes in the ice cream, you can either buy specialized ice makers from a specialist retailer, or even make it yourself with hot water. Pond heaters are not recommended because animals that live in the pond, could wake up too early from the winter starvation and thus be weakened health. So you have to lend a hand and make sure that there are always enough holes in the ice.

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