Garden practice: Self-designed garden paths

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So that the overall picture of your garden convinces for many years, you should follow some design rules. Garden paths have important tasks: they divide the garden and connect the individual rooms of your open-air room. With them you can reach even more remote garden corners dry feet. But ways do not have to be practical. Hardly any other design element complements the effect of your plants as perfectly as the footpaths between the flowerbeds.

Make garden paths attractive

Curved paths fit nicely in natural gardens - with a great side effect: Curves arouse curiosity on those back garden parts that remain hidden at first glance. If two garden areas are to be connected directly, short straight paths are better suited.
With mulch, gravel or grit paved paths have a natural effect and can be easily redesigned, if you want to implement other ideas at some point. Solid coverings are always the better choice if the journey is very frequent. The easiest way to obtain an overview of the various materials and laying patterns is in the horticultural trade.

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