Garden renewal - how to proceed?

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If you look at the area from his garden, the most daring dreams and the idea of ​​the dream garden often quickly reach their limits. Not all wishes can always be realized without problems and not everyone wants to spend so much time and especially money in their garden.
In the end, you have to set priorities, because you can not put in a perfect garden in no time at all. However, if the family members agree, then at least there are no quarrels and you can work together on the garden landscaping project.
Since the cost of the perfect garden can quickly skyrocket, you can also think about what you can do yourself and what you may need for a specialist. The same applies to mirror devices, because even a sandbox you can build yourself and a swing or a climbing frame does not always have to be from the hardware store.
Bed surrounds can be built with stones from an old quarry, and you do not always have to buy walls and seating, but you can do a lot by yourself. The advantage of this is that the whole family is involved in the project garden design and that you work together on a thing over a longer period of time.
But before you can implement your own wishes, you have to remove the sins of the garden owners in most cases. For this usually the digging of former flowerbeds is required or even the creation of the lawn may be imminent. So that it does not get too impatient with the impatience, because most children can not wait, you should definitely involve them in the redesign and possibly prefer their wishes. However, the wishes of the parents should not be neglected.
It is important in a redesign but also to note that for some things a building permit must be obtained, such as in a carport. Anyone who lives for rent must also seek the consent of the landlord, if it is about drastic changes.

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