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Test winner among garden secateurs: GARDENA Comfort Smart Cut 8798

Secateurs are among the most widely used utensils when it comes to the care of the garden. Stiftung Warentest has now put 17 pruning shears and 11 pruning shears to the test and determined the respective test winner among them. We have also put together the key criteria that you should consider when buying a pair of secateurs.

If you want to keep your garden in check, you definitely need a pruner. It is particularly good if you want to cut back small branches or flowers. They are practical because you only need one hand to use them. It looks different with the pruning shears. They are more suitable for thick branches from a diameter of 2 centimeters. Stiftung Warentest has now tested both secateurs and pruning shears for their durability. The result: Pretty much all cheap secateurs and pruning shears have failed in the test.

test history
Of course, the focus of the test was cutting. Every single secateurs had to work their way through 6000 times through a beechwood stick with a diameter of 1 centimeter. The pruning shears, however, 6000 times through a 2 centimeter thick beech wood stick.

Especially important in pruning shears is the sharpness as well as the gliding quality of the blades. However, what was particularly negative in the test was the fact that many of the tested models did not cut the wood, but crushed it. These secateurs would thus leave damage to the bark of a tree in use. Some other models, on the other hand, did not even make it past the finish line of the test. Either they broke or the handle deformed.

The pruning shears left a better impression. Thanks to their long handles, they enable them to achieve optimum cutting leverage, making cutting child's play. The pruning shears did not break apart or deform, but the cutting force decreased significantly over time.

Pollutants under control
As if it is not enough that you can pinch your fingers on some garden shears and pruning shears, Stiftung Warentest has even found pollutants in some grips. For example, the handle of Lux pruning shears contained too many plasticisers.

Buy Secateurs - What you should pay attention to:
Basically, you should know that there are secateurs with two different cutting systems. One differentiates between anvil shears and bypass shears. With anvil scissors, the blade hits the cutting edge anvil, They are particularly suitable for hardwood. In the bypass scissors, two blades move past each other. They are good for fresh green.

A secateurs should always be well in the hand. It must not be too big and not too small. The secateurs should be in your hands so you can effortlessly use all your fingers to cut them. Only then is the highest possible power transmission guaranteed. If you have too small pruning shears you could otherwise pinch your fingers. When buying, always make sure that you as a right-hander do not accidentally buy a garden shears for left-handers.

Important for your safety is also an easy-to-use lock. For example, if you are standing on a ladder, you will not be able to fiddle with the pruner until the detonator finally snaps shut.

If you opt for a more expensive pruner, then you should make sure that you can also buy spare parts for them. Especially the wear parts such as blades, springs and locks can be bought on some models.

Test winners come from Gardena and Fiskar

Best secateurs from Gardena

Test winner Gardena Comfort ratchet scissors Smartcut

The GARDENA Comfort Smart Cut 8798 was the best pruning shears. In particular, the switchable ratchet, which allows you to cut a branch piece by piece, was positive in the test. The only drawback: in the handle of the secateurs pollutants are included. In the evaluation, however, the many positive properties of the secateurs were able to outweigh so that Stiftung Warentest awarded the Quality Assessment GUT (1.7) to the Gardena Comfort Smart Cut 8798.

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Best pruning shears by Fiskars

Fiskars PowerGear Bypass

With the pruning shears one of the smallest and lightest models could grab the first place. Fiskar's Power Gear Bypass Gearhouse Pruner was able to score well with the quality rating GUT (1.7). When using this pruning shears only a very small amount of force is needed. In the category Pollutants under control It was also the only pruning shears to receive the rating very well (1.5).

If you want to buy a good secateurs or pruning shears, you should spend a little more money. Especially in terms of quality, you should therefore look for the models of the manufacturers GARDENA, WOLF and FELCO. Although they cost about 20 to 40 euros, but at least you can be sure that the models of these manufacturers do not fall apart during use.

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